Katja Krasavice and Chethrin Schulze: "Celebrity Big Brother 2018" is about talking sex!

What do you do if you are locked up with strangers in a house that does not provide a distraction for television or internet? You either lie in a corner and snort for yourself or you talk to the other people. And conversations and conversations and conversations. So you end up with the nicest thing in the world.

Katja Krasavice and Chethrin Schulze on too small penises

The current season of "Celebrity Big Brother" has two real aces in store: Katja Krasavice and the flowering in their waters Chethrin SchulzeAlready in the first episode they were both about men and too small penises to go. There was even compassion. And when Chethrin and Katja reassembled each other in the summary of Sunday, Katja suspected that the audience would have to think, the two are devoted lesbians. What did Chethrin stop to giggle.

Is Katja and Chethrin's sex talk too hot for TV?

The Big Brother or "Celebrity Big Brother"With all this openness he seems to get a lot of red ears, so much so that he does not broadcast certain conversations between the two ladies on TV. Transmitter side of the reality show He allows us to participate in further intimate confessions of the two ladies.

Chethrin Schulze and her experiences with "Love Island"

So Chethrin Schulze reported in a bonus video of her time on "Love Island". If the station noticed that there was more going on between the participants of the dome show, they would have received such messages as: "Chethrin, you spend the night in the love nest of today, who would like to take you? 5 minutes." The love nest had been separated, with a bed, rose petals and champagne laid. There have been cameras, but also everywhere. Whether it was about doing business with Mike, the man she shot on the island herself, the blonde is going to open.

She instead added that some participants of "Love Iceland" had not waited for the divestment offer. Instead, they would have done it in the shower or built caves. Disappointed, Chethrin also noticed that she had repeatedly unpacked her breasts during the show, but none of them had been broadcast. That certainly gives hope for "Celebrity Big Brother". And since yesterday she is also in the area where showers are …

Katja Krasavice and the song with the "Fuck Boy"

Of course, Chethrin's "Love Island" creed Katja Krasavice also inspired to launch a story from her sex life. She reported in another bonus clip of an evening when she went home with a man. Well, she did not know herself because she really did not want him anymore. When she came home she left the man with her best friend Marvin. He should take care of the guy and his homecoming. The man then refused to go home. Of course because he was fond of Katja. She had long since retired to bed to sleep.

At one point, Marvin had probably cooked him and persuaded him to leave. However, he wanted to say goodbye to Katja again. So he went to Katja's bed and said, "I want to lie on you for another 5 minutes." Katja must have allowed that for some reason. He lay on top of her and immediately got excited. Then he pulled off his shirt and said, "I want to lie for another 5 minutes, with the top off, just for the feeling." As Katja explained further, they had tampered with and it was also very good. And Katja & # 39; s gay friend Marvin? He had attended the song and the "uninvited guest" completely angegeiert. They still have Katja's contact information as a "Fuck Boy" title today. And the plan of her and Marvin is to just share the "Fuck Boy" grant …

Holla the forest fairy …

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