Küblböck jumped from deck 5 of the AIDA ship

Great care for Daniel Küblböck (33). The former DSDS star is missing on the cruise ship "AIDAluna". This reports the German "BILD". The ship was on its way from Hamburg to New York.

There is reason to believe that the singer and entertainer ("Deutschland sucht den Superstar"), now appearing as Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck, jumped from deck 5 of the AIDA ship at 18:00 local time on Sunday.

"That's our guess," said Aida spokesman Hansjörg Kunze. After announcements and a cabin inspection it was determined that Kaiser-Küblböck had disappeared. He was therefore private aboard the cruise ship. Initially, no one was available to the management of the artist. The newspaper "Bild" also reported on the incident on Sunday.

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Search failed for hours

For 6 hours local time Daniel Küblböck has been feverishly searched in a major search, but until now without success. Shortly after the announcement of the captain "Man overboard" the entire ship was searched. Every cabin was checked, it says by a crew member. At 10:52 the captain made another announcement about the state of the search.

"This underlines the seafaring attitude we have here, it is as if we subordinate all other interests to the welfare of the person in the water, we unite the sea area, we want to find the person in the water and save the rest. accordingly subordinate ", said the captain in his speech.

Helicopters and aircraft scan the area

According to Aida Cruises, the site is located in the Labrador Sea, about 100 nautical miles (about 185 kilometers) north of St. John's / Newfoundland. The water temperature in the area is about 10.5 degrees. The Coast Guard is looking for the 33-year-old with aircraft and helicopters. The cruise ship Aidaluna with about 2200 guests and about 600 crew members had returned to the alleged disaster and also tried to find the singer of the RTL talent show.

"Aidaluna's captain and crew immediately took all necessary rescue measures, in close collaboration with local authorities," said Aida Cruises. Speaker Kunze emphasized: "There is an intensive search."

DSDS star

Kaiser-Küblböck, born in the Bavarian Hutthurm, became known in 2002/2003 when he participated in the RTL show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and finished third. In 2014 he unsuccessfully asked for the song "Be A Man" to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Most recently he participated in 2015 in the eighth season of the RTL show "Let & # 39; s Dance". He did acting training at the European Theater Institute in Berlin. Most recently Kaiser-Küblböck lived in Berlin and Palma de Mallorca.

Shrill figure

Daniel Küblböck, who had been missing since Sunday, was aware in his full glory of his polarizing effect, even as a young artist. Everything he does split, he said in 2004 after the implementation of the semi-documentary film "Daniel the Magician." But I think that's what makes me. "

What effect the public in turn had on him can only be speculated. What is certain is that the singer and entertainer, who has long been acting as Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck, was specifically looking for a presence in the media. The latest news about the now 33-year-old was worrying: on Sunday, cruise man Aida Cruises said Kaiser-Küblböck had gone overboard – and assumed he had jumped.

At 17, a star

At the age of 17, the teenager boy from nearby Hutthurm near Passau was suddenly in the spotlight with his eye-catching glasses. In the first season of the RTL show "Germany Superstar" (DSDS) he came only in third place. But his long-term presence in many media, which presented him as a shrill and crooked figure, offered him the opportunity for a long career as a singer, entertainer and candidate in casting shows.

In fact, he completed a training as a babysitter, but just a few months after his departure from DSDS, Küblböck published with considerable success both the album "Positive Energy" and – at the age of 18 – his autobiography "I live my notes". Already Küblböck was considered a bird of paradise, and this role was used by the singer – as a candidate for the first season of the RTL show: "I am a star – get me out of here!" Early 2004. He also collected various awards and gold records.

Unplanned incidents

Even unplanned incidents increased his reputation as a bizarre figure with entertainment value. Küblböck, for example, made the headlines when, in 2004, he took priority over the wheel of a car and was seriously injured. The fact that this was a cucumber truck was missing in just a media message.

Küblböck, who was not yet in possession of a driving license at the time, was sentenced in a court case to a fine of 25,000 euros and eight hours of community training. A few months later the film "Daniel, the wizard" appeared, but flopped brilliantly in the cinemas.

Further TV appearances

In the coming years followed by other TV appearances, such as 2005 in "Big Brother" or 2015 in "Let & # 39; s Dance", as well as a number – more or less successful – recordings and tours. The singer also became public in 2011 when he was adopted by a millionaire and henceforth Kaiser-Küblböck, or 2013 after the death of his older brother Michael, with whom he had no contact for years.

In recent years it was quiet about Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck, who lived for the last time in Berlin and Palma de Mallorca. Attempts to qualify for the European Song Contest (ESC) failed. Nevertheless, he persisted in an artistic career – with further concerts and album publications, but also with acting training at the European Theater Institute in Berlin.

On his home page a performance was announced last Saturday in Berlin – but according to Aida, Kaiser-Küblböck was on the road on a cruise ship between Greenland and Newfoundland.

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