Lazy Town actor dies from cancer stars at the age of 65

Stefan Karl Stefansson

August 22, 2018 10:20;
Act: 22.08.2018 10:54

As a villain Freddie Faulig, he taught children to fear for years. Now he has lost the battle against cancer.

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The Icelandic Stefan Karl Stefansson died at the age of only 43 years. The depiction of Freddie Faulig (originally Robbie Rotten) in the Icelandic children's program "Lazy Town" made him world famous.

Until 2014 he played the bad guy. Two years later, a malignant tumor was discovered. The quadruple father was operated successfully, but the disease came back.

According to "TMZ" he died on Tuesday in the circle of his family. He knew his death and spent the last few months most of his time with his wife and four children.

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