Lilly Becker: "unprofessional"! Fiese criticism for the ex of Boris Becker

Lilly Becker keeps her fans regularly informed via Instagram.
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After the divorce of Boris, Becker showed up Lilly Becker in recent weeks combative and confident. She also received moral support in the difficult times of her fan base in the social networks. But that seems to be over now. Because instead of strengthening her back as usual, it now welcomes juicy criticism.

Lilly Becker shows self-confidence on Instagram

The past months were easy for Lilly Becker. The bankruptcy rumors followed the separation of ex-tennis legend Boris Becker. Nevertheless, the 42-year-old self-assured and radiantly beautiful as always on her Instagram account for her more than 74,000 followersThere was a lot of praise and verbal support. But with her latest Instagram message, Lilly has really inserted the nettles. Reason is a rejection.

Becker-Ex as a meter for super-fun run in the Europapark Rust

Actually, Lilly Becker was meant to be a meter for the new super-fun run in the Europa Park Rust, which would be officially opened on the 12th Wednesday. The "Eurosat – CanCan Coaster" was realized in collaboration with the Parisian variety Moulin Rouge and together with director Luc Besson. His opening took place without the Becker-Ex, as she explained on Instagram. "I'm so sorry that I was stuck this morning in the traffic jam of London and missed the plane, and the huge traffic in London has so upset me that I would not be a meter more for the Super Rollercoaster."

"Unreliable" and "unprofessional"! Bitterböse criticism for Lilly Becker

With their fans this rejection comes in misunderstanding. "Unreliability is not even possible and the reason for that is absolutely ridiculous", "I really like Mrs. Becker, but if I have an obligation or an appointment, I would never cancel because the traffic takes me, so I can do the job it is not "," Unprofessional! Let's start! ", they are clearly annoyed. But not all are so critical about Lilly.

This is how Lilly Becker responds to Instagram

Some fans are still behind the 42-year-olds: "I would never expect it, even if I did not intend to judge someone like that … or to put this person in such a light", writes a about Instagram License holders. Others can only agree: "very well written, very much the same as you ….". Lilly Becker himself has not commented on the criticism. The Europa Park in Rust lets her know how bad she is and she can not wait to try out the new rollercoaster and have a great time in the park ("I can not wait to see the new ride and have a fantastic time in your amusement park ").

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