Man holds a hole in the museum for a comic and falls into it

Is that art or can it go away? Of course you do not always have to understand the art. It only becomes tragic when such misunderstandings lead to injuries. Unfortunately, this happened to a man in Portugal when he stepped into the installation "Descent into Limbo" – that is, downhill to the limbo of the artist Anish Kapoor, 64.

Anish Kapoor & # 39; s ongoing exhibition at the Serralves Museum

In the Portuguese Serralves Museum in Porto, an Italian of about sixty years old painted the artwork of the British artist Anish Kapoor only as a painting: a black hole in the ground. Comic hero Bugs Bunny is coming there, Donald Duck keeps falling. The artwork is a six-meter cube that the viewer can enter, with an approximately 2.4 meters deep hole in the floor. Or as the artist writes on his website: "This is a place full of darkness, not a hole in the ground."

As he tried to cross, the man fell down two meters. There are several signs that warn. Even a dedicated museum worker who was aware of the hole could not prevent the fall. In his unintended departure, the Italian injured only a little, according to "The Times". He was taken to a hospital where he could now leave.

Right at the end of the video you will see the dangerous installation:

The black hole is art

Anish Kappor is known for his optical illusions. In the biblically inspired work, Kapoor deceives the human eye with a particularly deep black color, with which the hole is painted. The effect: it looks pitch-black and people can no longer recognize the real depth. It looks one-dimensional. Even in the picture the black hole looks like painted, because no contours are visible inside. The installation was temporarily closed, but would have to be reopened after a few days.

Optical illusion

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