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Because of this absurd law, Meghan and Harry will not have custody of their children

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  • A law prevents British heirs from having custody of their children
  • When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get offspring, someone else has the responsibility
  • Even Prince Charles had to adhere to it

The custody of the offspring in the British royal family does not rest with the parents of the children. So the responsibility for George, Charlotte and Louis is not with Prince William and Kate Middleton. As soon as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get pregnant, the same fate will flourish.

The guardianship of royal children lies with the ruling monarch, explains aristocrat Marlene Koenig to A law from 1772, the time of King George, arranges custody for the benefit of Queen Elizabeth (92).

Prince Charles was given leave to leave

Education, education and traveling with the children are matters that fall under the decision-making authority of the Queen. "They need official permission," says Koenig. The noble expert wrote two books about the royal family. But the almost 250-year-old law, calms it, is more a formality today.


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After the Queen's government, Prince Charles is expected to accept the throne and thus take custody of his grandchildren. He is known to ask his mother, Queen Elizabeth, for permission before traveling. "The Sun" reports that he wanted to fly to Scotland with his sons.

The now grown-up princes William and Harry were then still small children. (Dahe)

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