Music: Celebrity birthday of August 21: Kenny Rogers

With Kenny Rogers even country-music haters get enraptured. With world hits like & # 39; The Gambler & # 39; and & # 39; Lady & # 39; he is one of the most successful American musicians of all time. Rogers is now 80 – and has retired, with one exception.

Kenny Rogers retired last October in a fierce concert final. Stars like Dolly Parton and Lionel Richie sang the biggest hits from the country star on stage in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and he was very sensitive.

But there is no retirement for Rogers, which will be 80 until August 21. "You are not waiting to retire until people forget you," he told Rolling Stone. "I have achieved everything I ever wanted to achieve – there is nothing left to strive for."

He also wants to spend more time with his family, says Rogers, who is married five times. His eldest son is over 50, with his fifth wife, Wanda Miller, he had twins again about 15 years ago. "I want to be a good father now, I do not know how many years I still have, so I want to use them." His own father had never supported him enough and only went to a concert once. "You do many of these things to please your parents, consciously or unconsciously, and when he did not show me that he appreciated my success, it spoiled my pleasure."

The award-winning country bard with a white beard and a smoky voice has sold more than 120 million albums worldwide in his decades-long career. Many of his hits such as "The Gambler", "Iceland in the Stream" or "Lady" have long become classics.

In his songs Rogers explains the world, just like in the "Gambler", the ballad that has so much more to offer than just a wise card player on the train: "You have to know when to hold the cards, when you have to go when to go – and when to run. "

The fourth of eight children born in Houston, Texas, in 1938, can not only be country, even though he was admitted to the US Hall of Fame of this genre. In between, he also played jazz, rock, pop and folk, wrote books, worked as an actor, photographer – and even played professional tennis. "I only started at 35, then I was obsessed and I played eight hours a day."

But Kenneth "Kenny" Rogers always returned to country music – after all, his mother had ironed it once, as he once said. Unlike many of his colleagues, the singer in his songs not only evoked the image of the conservative healing world, but also addressed sensitive issues, such as racism ("Ruben James"), rape ("Coward Of The County ") or the suffering of War Veterans (" Ruby Do not Take Your Love To Town "). "That's my strength in music, I've always searched for two types of songs, ballads that say everything men say and women want to hear, and socially important songs."

All this brought him fans around the world. Even people who refuse the country differently often have a weakness for Rogers. And even the reggae husband of Jamaica honors the singer. He had one of the "funniest performances of his life." on the island, says Rogers, who always likes to tell how he needed four hours from the hotel to the concert stage, because so many Jamaicans had left on foot to his performance and the streets were blocked.

Despite his successful career, Rogers does not seem unattached – and that is what many people are looking for. The reason is a Ray Charles concert, in which he watched the smiling and laughing spectators at the age of twelve, says Rogers. "Since then it has never been more important for me to leave my show and say:" He is the best singer ever. "But it is important to me that they say:" I enjoyed the show. "I am only one entertainer."

Even when retired, Rogers can not completely stop receiving people. The musician plans a recreational park that he knows, as his colleague Dolly Parton has. For example, singers and songwriters must be able to perform with an Rogers avatar. "It's going to be something special."

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