"NYT": allegations against "MeToo" antagonist Argento

The Italian actress Asia Argento is considered one of the most important representatives of the movement "# MeToo". Her report that she was raped at the age of 21 by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was one of the main causes of the debate about sexual assault in Hollywood.

As the "New York Times" ("NYT") now reported, Argento himself is confronted with the accusation of sexual assault. The actress recently agreed to pay $ 380,000 to end the lawsuit filed by musician and actor Jimmy Bennett, the newspaper wrote.

The 22-year-old accuses Argento according to "sexual coercion" of "NYT". The actress would have forced the then 17-year-old five years ago to have sex. The minimum age for voluntary sex is 18 years in California.

Judicial documents from anonymous source

The complaint said that Bennett had traumatized the meeting and damaged his career, according to the NYT. The newspaper writes that it has received the corresponding legal documents from an anonymous source.

The newspapers also contain a photo of the bed of Argento and Bennett. Three people who were familiar with the case had confirmed that the documents were genuine, according to the "NYT".

No comment from Argento and Bennett

According to the newspaper, the newspaper tried to make contact with both Bennett and Argento. The actress did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Bennett let his lawyer know that he was not available for an interview.

Argento and Bennett were in front of the camera in 2004 for the film "The Heart Is Deep Above All Things". Argento played in a prostitute, Bennett played her son.

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