Rose McGowan writes open letter to Asia Argento – dpa

LOs Angeles (dpa) – # MeToo champion Rose McGowan (44) asked her acting colleague Asia Argento (42) in an open letter to deal fairly with the allegations of abuse against her.

"Asia, you were my girlfriend. (…) Everyone can do better – I hope you can do it too. Do good. Be honest, be honest, let the law go its way," says the letter, is available in the movie portal "Deadline".

The New York Times reported a week and a half ago that Argento had abused the 22-year-old actor Jimmy Bennett in California when he was 17 and she was 37 years old. Sexual acts with children under the age of 18 are punishable in the US state. Bennett claimed that $ 3.5 million from Argento last spring, they had agreed on $ 380,000 (about € 330,000).

Argento had clearly rejected the report of the paper a few days later. Bennett spoke of an "event" that happened to him and a "person who wronged me" – but he did not reveal what he actually reproaches Argento.

Argento and McGowan are both part of the # Metetoo movement. Both women accuse ex-Hollywood conductor Harvey Weinstein of having raped her. Her personal relationship with Argento, however, has no influence on her vision of the current situation, McGowan said, and she claims the statements she made to her colleague: "It is sad to lose a friendly relationship, but even more sadness what happened to Jimmy Bennett. "

She hopes that the case of the # Metaloo movement is not compassion: "We can not allow this moment to break the momentum of a movement that has freed so many people, and we must use it to make ourselves stronger. Pathetic, attentive and organized. "

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