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New day at "Celebrity Big Brother" 2018: candidates had to nominate each other for the second time. At the end it met a resident.

  • "Celebrity Big Brother" 2018 has been running since 17 August Sat.1,
  • Twelve candidates were originally with Celebrity BB. Who is outside, who is still here? Here is the overview of all candidates.
  • In this article you can read where you can watch Celebrity BB on TV and live stream.

"Celebrity Big Brother" 2018: All the news on the blog

August 27: Nicole must leave celebrity Big Brother 2018

New day, new expulsion: Nicole Belstler-Boettcher has to leave the famous Big Brother. The TV viewers decided that during voting in the night of Monday. Previously, the residents of the famous WG had to deal with a difficult task. Surprising for everyone, they had to nominate two roommates for the knockout. And that was clearly difficult for everyone.

August 26: Sophia Vegas finally comes out and Katja reveals a secret

Sophia Vegas leaves the Big Brother house again and this time it is final. The residents receive an envelope stating that Sophia is not returning for health reasons. This has nothing to do with the pregnancy. She and her baby are fine. The remaining residents are surprised by the announcement. "The most important thing is that the baby is in order, which makes me happy to hear it now", says Silvia. Alphonso seems to take over the message, he still speaks a prayer for Sophia.

"At the moment I am afraid that I will crystallize two camps, the people on the construction site will come closer together and the people in the villa," says Johannes, and thinks well, because the other residents of the site are increasingly annoyed by the team in the villa. "I'm not in the mood for the whole party," says Alphonso and compares the life in the mansion with a "sex club". Cora agrees: "If you are not on this party golf and do not want to talk about sex all day long, you are automatically an outsider." In the meantime, Daniel and Chethrin are getting closer and closer. "Somehow I feel close to him," says Chethrin. At breakfast they talk about their first meeting, Chethrin confesses that he had initially slandered Daniel. "I did not think we could find it right," says Daniel.

When Silvia returns to the villa, she meets Katja, who throws her heart out. "There is one thing that happened a year ago, I do not know how to say it, it's so hard for me," she says. "I often go with boys, sometimes you do not notice, then I was pregnant." She then opted for an abortion. It is difficult for her to build up such a bond, which has to do with her own childhood. She was marginalized at school. "I always have such successes in my life," she says. "Then I lost my brother, committed suicide and lost another brother because he had cancer."

August 25: Mike Shiva is out on Celebrity Big Brother 2018

And the next candidate must leave the famous Big Brother 2018. After Pascal Behrenbruch, who was voted out of the house on Friday, and Prince Heinz, who threw the towel into the ring the first day, Mike Shiva now had to leave the celebrity BB-WG. Several of his roommates had voted him out of the house, even by the TV viewers, he eventually did not get enough votes – the clairvoyant from Switzerland was the race for the 100,000 euros shortly after half past two. (Read a portrait of Mike Shiva here).

Silvia and Sophia reconcile

Pascal was voted out by the residents, but another one is back: Silvia Wollny. On her second return she has sparkling wine in her luggage and she is welcomed by her roommates as she would like the first time: with applause and hugs. "I must say that I was heartbroken by my roommates," she says. The residents of the site take Silvia in their midst, but the message has now arrived in the villa. "I'm glad you're back, you're a part of us," says Alphonso, who said in her departure that he was relieved to be away. Nicole was also happy with the departure of Silvia and now welcomes her in the same warm way. She tries to explain this change: "She was so much better today, that was a very different person."

And the day also promised to fight for Silvia, because Sophia had announced via video message for health reasons not to return home. Then the surprise: she comes back, she has champagne, she also comes to the construction site. After a few angry looks, the two speak out. "That you are lying here with your baby, that hurts me," says Silvia. And Sophia explains why she announced her pregnancy on TV: "I had to say that I got the care I needed." The two talk a bit more and finally there is a reconciliation. "I feel better at the construction site now that the dispute has been avoided," says Silvia.

So no more irritations? But this time it is Alphonso. At the construction site, he clearly says what he thinks of the residents of the villa: "They have taken refuge there as piranha's, who say:" The most important thing is that we, we, we & # 39; The villagers do not pay attention, he says, he would not invite such people to his home.

August 24: Decathlon Pascal is out with Celebrity Big Brother

That is a surprise: Pascal Behrenbruch is out with the famous Big Brother. The competitive athlete and former top-dec athlete must leave on Friday – the public had the least vote for him. Had Pascal not revealed enough of himself? Has the public annoyed his & # 39; bad boy & # 39; attitude?

Read the portrait about Pascal Behrenbruch here: First EM and WM, now "Celebrity Big Brother" 2018

August 24: Sophia will not return – on medical advice. The baby is doing well.

Sophia Vegas will not return to "Celebrity Big Brother". On Thursday evening, the expectant mother has the famous big brother's house. leave for acute complaints and she goes to medical treatments, shares Sat.1 with. Her complaints have nothing to do with her pregnancy or the results of Silvia Wollny.

The remaining eleven residents were informed by letter of the final departure of Sophia Vegas by Big Brother: "Unfortunately, Sophia can not return to the house on medical advice This decision has nothing to do with her pregnancy She and her baby are fine, both are good. "

The flat share seems to be a lively arrival and an interruption: even for Silvia, the reunion with their WG partners remains short-lived. Because there is a rash in her, she has to leave – for now only. Whether it comes back is still unclear.

The message triggers different emotions among the candidates. "For me personally that was a shock," says Mike. Daniel also seems to be taken away by Silvia's departure. Alphonso Williams, on the other hand, is relieved: "The atmosphere in the entire community has improved since Silvia was gone, because there was no pressure, this negative energy," he says. "It's good that she's gone," Nicole agrees.

But there are not only sad stories from the WG. Chetrin talks about her night with Daniel on the couch. "I woke up this morning with a really good mood, I just fell asleep well," she says radiantly. Later in the evening she becomes even more direct: "Daniel is my dream man!" And she also sees interest in him. Cora Schumacher had told her that Daniel had been laughing much more since Chetrin arrived. And in fact he is "open to the situation", as he says himself.

August 23rd: Sophia and Silvia are back again: but no shingles

Two residents had to leave the house temporarily for health reasons. At Silvia Wollny (here is a portrait) a doctor diagnosed shingles. Because the disease is extremely contagious, Silvia had to leave the house for the time being. The shingles can also be dangerous for pregnant women, so Sophia Vegas had to be the first. Both were housed by moderator Marlene Lufen in separate hotels and shielded from the outside world.

As soon as Silvia Wollny (right) was back, she had to take off again.

Image: Sat.1

Meanwhile Sat.1 but said that the suspicion of shingles in Silvia Wollny has not been confirmed. That is why she and their intimate enemy Sophia Vegas (here her portrait) were allowed back into the flat.

For the other celebs, life in the flat also continued during the temporary absence of Sophia and Silvia. Nicole continues to struggle hard in the Big Brother house. Again she announces to leave the show. "I'm in the siff, it just does not get better and that's why I have to leave today," she says, the reason is that she pulled a splinter and was afraid the wound could not be disinfected and again it's Alphonso that comforts her and encourages,

Later Alphonso itself bursts into tears. He feels lonely and the many negative energy around him draws him down. "At the moment everything is a shame," he says in the cabin. "I have to be careful that I do not lose myself." Alphonso, which is always good for everyone, this time must be comforted by John.

It is romantic between Chetrin and Daniel. Both spend the night together after a little wine on the couch and the hand of Chetrins walks to Daniel again and again.

At the end there is still a duel, where it is for the participants to change a series. It is the team of Pascal, Daniel, Chethrin and Katja, who win. They can stay in the villa while the losers Umut, Johannes, Cora and Mike have to move to the construction site.

August 22nd: Silvia annoys Alphonso

New day, new episode. And the dispute has no end: even on the fifth day there is no peace between Silvia and Sophia. On the construction site Silvia indeed calms for her arch enemy, but can not leave the blasphemy there. "What is going on here is the bottom drawer for me," she says about Sophia. And one of them is really annoyed: Alphonso Williams. Why did not you come here, why did not you tell me to stop, "says Alphonso, and Silvia has taken advantage of the fact that the Wollny family was pushed by the station, he said." Otherwise she still lives somewhere the street with her children in the misery. "Hard words, but later he goes to Silvia and gives the mediator:" I am here for you, I will listen to you. "Together they clean up the construction site.

Alphonso is also in use at another hot spot. This time it is Nicole, who plays with the idea to leave the flat. "I am about to stop," she admits. Alphonso & # 39; s advice: "Use the crisis for your growth, undergo your fears"

In the meantime, Katja Krasavice creates excitement in the villa, just as you would expect from the Sex-Youtuberin: she masturbates. First in the sleeping bag, then in the bath until Sophia and Mike ran into the bathroom. The clairvoyant easily gets around it: "That's something she just needed."

At the end of the episode viewers can choose a resident at the construction site. The Sat.1 audience seems to like to make long quarrels because they prefer Sophia to visit Silvia on the construction site. When the mother of eleven discovers, she withdraws.

August 21st: Sophia remains kien

On the fourth day in the container, the dispute between Silvia Wollny and Sophia Vegas in the next round. A "disrespectful dominatrix" is Mama Wollny and the other housemates should not only offer her the sleeping bag. "Do you want her to be so full and sweaty, to sleep on her mop?" And with Sophia's next roundabout, it is far below the belt. After John Sophia had accused her of not paying attention to anyone, but Sophia calling this consideration of everything, Sophia rages against the ex-bachelor candidate: "What kind of a gay group this is?"

The atmosphere between Cora Schumacher and Katja Krasavice is more relaxed. After the "Team Baustelle" won against the "Team Villa" in the Matten Challenge, the area changes and they may move into the villa together with the others. Celebrated with champagne in the jacuzzi. For Nicole, who participated in the "Team Villa", but the game was a zissißprobe. The reason: she did not want to undress for the camera. "If you send this, I will stop the program immediately," she says.

There is finally time for Big Brother 2018 for group cuddling in the pool.

Image: Sat.1

August 20: Heavy air between Sophia and Silvia

The Big Brother container has been on Day 3 for a long time. Silvia Wollny accused Sophia Vegas of being a favorite since she published her pregnancy for cameras. "I'm glad you're mum, but I was wondering, how can you say that in public, do you want a promo?" She asked. Sophia replied: "If you think I take advantage of that, it does not really matter to me, and if you have the time to talk about it, I will tell you my reasons, but I will not say that, in the first place It's just too awkward for me. & # 39;

The fact that the two met a little later on the "building site", ie in the poor area of ​​the Big Brother house with celebrities, has consequences for the whole group. Silvia Wollny is sent by the spectators from the luxury life of the "Villa" on the bare "building site". Sophia Vegas not only viciously shouted against the eleven-fold mother Silvia, but also distributed them to others who tried to make peace. This is how a finally completely annoyed Johannes touches the wheels.

August 19: How is Umut and Chethrin?

New day in the Big Brother house with celebrities – and the newcomer is well received by the residents. After the surprisingly early extract of Prince Heinz, former footballer Umut Kekilli had come forward. And of course he understands himself well with the self-styled & # 39; flirt machine & # 39; Chethrin. Both approach at the campfire.

Less fortunate are Sophia Vegas and Cora Schumacher. The latter changes from the luxury flat to the construction site – and makes use of the scarce food of the residents. The fact that she was even encouraged to do so by Alphonso does not stop Sophia from making a fierce temper against the model among the other residents.

Sophia is quite annoyed by newcomer Cora Schumacher.

Image: Sat.1

In the meantime Prince Heinz explained his fragment and his somewhat peculiar reason for doing this. In the show itself, the millionaire said he left Celebrity Big Brother in 2018 because there was only water to drink. This of course was "nonsense", he admitted in an interview. He had left because he did not like the level of the conversations. He referred to the sexual conversations between Youtuberin Katja Krasavice and Chethrin Schulze, who obviously irritated the millionaire.

August 18: Sophia Vegas in the container: I am pregnant

What a prelude to day 2 in the famous Big Brother house: Sophia Vegas aka Sophia Wollersheim is pregnant. This is announced – of course – for turning cameras & # 39; s in tears in the home of "Celebrity Big Brother". This also explains why she was not allowed to participate in the first challenge in the house.

The fact that she shows up later because of a chocolate bar with Pascal Behrenbruch, creates the next excitement in the celebrity WG – with which the stimulus threshold in the star and star group is already clearly defined. (Read the portrait about Sophia Vegas: candidate for "Celebrity Big Brother" 2018.)

It is not enough for a compassion bonus: when the three residents of the luxury villa have permission to decide who should bring them from the building site to their home in the open air, they opt for the Schweitzer clairvoyant Mike Shiva.

In fact, the tree change game starts on PBB 2018 on Saturday night. In the duel, Daniel and Johannes change jobs, the "Bachelor" has to go to the construction site. Then the audience has the floor. Because only three candidates are allowed to live in the villa, they have to select one of the residents – and they are expected to opt for Cora Schumacher, who now also lives on the construction site.

Former football player Umut Kekilli moves to the residential community "Big Brother"

Former footballer Umut Kekilli (34) is a new resident of the house "Celebrity Big Brother" on Saturday night. This was announced by Sat.1. The ex-friend of Natascha Ochsenknecht replaces the self-made millionaire Prins Heinz of Sayn-Wittgenstein (64), who did not experience this in the TV-Wohngemeinschaft.

Designer Natascha Ochsenknecht 2015 in Berlin with Umut Kekilli.

Image: Stephanie Pilick (dpa)

17 August: Candidate Prince Heinz is back from the PBB house

Start with free for Big Brother 2018 – and before the last resident moved live Friday night in the house of "Celebrity Big Brother", the first one had already given up: Prince Heinz left the house right at the beginning of the new season. He did not just want to drink water, it was the somewhat feeble justification of the millionaire for the extract. It was the "fastest extract in the story of the" Celebrity Big Brother, "Sat.1 said.

Homemade millionaire Prince Heinz Sayn Wittgenstein moved to the "Celebrity Big Brother" house – and here as well.

Image: Sat.1

Apart from that, at the start of the new season, the residents were especially busy talking about sex, getting to know each other and exploring their new "home". Because most of the twelve stars and stars did not end up in a TV house, but in the open air on a construction site with Dixie toilet. Silvia Wollny, "Bachelor" Daniel Voelz, and Cora Schumacher on the other side went live and started in the luxury house.

The residents of the construction site after the first live show.

Image: Sat.1

Over the occupation of the two camps, Baustele and Villa did not change the live challenge either. In a duel with YouTube stars Katja Krasavice Cora held the upper hand and was allowed to stay in the villa.

Or the stripped Prince Heinz is replaced by Sat.1, was not known Saturday morning.

Here are the reactions of the press on episode 1: "What an air number".

We want to know what you think: the Augsburger Allgemeine therefore works together with the opinion research institute Civey. What about the representative surveys and why should you register, read here.

Cora Schumacher is live tonight in the home of the "Celebrity Big Brother"

The time has come: all twelve candidates from Celebrity Big Brother & # 39; 2018 have been announced. Tonight Cora Schumacher, ex-wife of racer Ralf Schumacher, goes live in the house. She looks for Big Brother for two reasons: first, she wants to be away from the mobile phone for two weeks, she says. "So that's just like paid vacation." And secondly, she would like Big Brother & # 39; get to know. "I think the voice is very sexy! With his dry announcements I always laughed."

Also present are Silvia Wollny and Daniel Völz, they also go into the flat tonight. Wollny became famous for the pseudo-documentary "The Wollnys – A Terrible Big Family". There the 53-year-old presented as an eightfold mother with her family. With "Celebrity Big Brother" she now has the chance to make a name for the mother role.

Daniel Völz was a bachelor in 2018. After releasing himself from his girlfriend in April, he recently announced enough data and dating shows: "Frankly, I do not feel like wasting my time on dates, it's stressful too time-consuming, "he says." Big love is unexpected. "

August 16: 9 candidates have already moved to the house "Celebrity Big Brother"

Closed door, day outsider: the first nine candidates have already moved to the "Celebrity Big Brother" building in Cologne. However, they do not really feel at home right now. The residents of the TV prison live on a dirty, 70 square meter area called "Baustelle", as Sat.1 explained on Thursday. There are no beds and no bathroom, only a camping toilet, a fireplace and a cold water tap. The move was already on board on Wednesday.

To the question of how it goes with the now living on the bare "building site" celebrities, Sat.1 still makes a riddle for the time being. In recent years, the home of the "Big Brother" has been divided into two areas – one poor and one rich.

15 August: Moderator Jochen Schropp hopes for exciting candidates

For the fifth time Jochen Schropp & # 39; Celebrity Big Brother & # 39 ;, in 2018 with Marlene Lufen, known for Sat1 & # 39; s breakfast television. The experienced PBB presenter even learns shortly before the start of the season according to their own information which candidates actually live in the TV holder. But he is confident that it will be an exciting group, now Shoot in a video interview. "The expectation is great," he said.

The house is full!

These are the candidates for Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Image: [email protected]

August 14: Nine candidates are now officially known

After the first three participants has Sat.1 More candidates for & # 39; Celebrity Big Brother & # 39; announced. A red thread is on the rise: the station seems to attach importance to the polarization of the residents of the WG. "Celebrity Big Brother" starts on August 17, but not all candidates are still there. In the last season there were twelve participants in "PBB".

August 9: sat.1 confirms the first three candidates

In a video, the station announced the first three candidates for "Celebrity Big Brother" 2018. These are DSDS winner Alphonso Williams, YouTube star Katja Krasavice and actress Nicole Belstler-Boettcher.

Although Alphonso Williams excludes categorical nude and sex in the famous WG, 21-year-old Katja has no problem with it. Her videos are known for her freedom of movement. Nicole Belstler-Boettcher believes she will miss the phone most during the show.

July 30: Sat.1 has released a taster for Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Martin Rose, Silvia Wollny, Oliver Sanne and Alphonso Williams have one thing in common: they have played at least once on private television and are relatively popular and prominent in Germany.

Now it is speculated whether the four more or less celebrities still dare to make a TV appearance. The editors of Believes that all four celebrities are there – referring to industry circles.

Sat 1 himself has still not confirmed any candidates, but has already released a trailer for the new season. He does not show people, but Barby dolls. A plastic figure is unmistakable: the former "Celebrity Big Brother" candidate Micaela Schäfer.

Click here for the trailer.

25 July: Jochen Schropp and Marlene Lufen always wanted to work together

although Sat.1 Do not want to participate in the rumors about the candidates in "Celebrity Big Brother", repeated the station in a report, the most popular speculation of the media – and in questionably marked text. Presumably the sender does not take part in the speculation. But he does his best not to have the rumor mill bubbled.

While fans of "Celebrity Big Brother" continue to grope in the dark Sat.1 an interview with the moderator couple Jochen Schropp and Marlene Lufen published. Of course the two are very happy with the start of the season and especially with their cooperation. "We have known each other for so long, you have not even moderated," says the 47-year-old against Schropp. She already thought that she would like to work with him.

Here is the interview.

July 5: "Celebrity Big Brother" 2018: starts on August 17th

New round for the Sat.1 show "Celebrity Big Brother": on 17 August, at 20:15, the Munich-based private broadcaster will stage the sixth season of the biweekly TV program, as Sat.1 announced on Thursday. How many celebrities and those who went to the house, prepared for the show in Cologne, left the channel open.

Sat.1 will broadcast the opening broadcast live and, like every year, every day at 10:15 am. In the house where the celebrities are housed, cameras are installed that they continuously film. Gradually leave a candidate, until the end of the "Celebrity Big Brother 2018" continues.

June 22nd: "Celebrity Big Brother" 2018 comes with new presenter

It is still unclear which candidates will overtake the container in "Celebrity Big Brother" in the summer of 2018. But one thing is certain: fans can look forward to a new presenter.

In addition to Jochen Schropp (39) Marlene Lufen (47) will provide the reality show in the future Sat.1 moderate. On her Instagram account the upcoming presenter of "Celebrity Big Brother" said: "What fun if people believe in you, ladies, life is getting better!" Schropp also answered twitter and wrote: "I am really looking forward to my new colleague".

Since 2014, Jochen Schropp has been moderating the reality format. In the last season he was assisted by Jochen Bendel (50), who is now the sender sixx returns.

June 15: these candidates can be in the boat

Sat.1. keeps track of information about the program. The portal but wants to have learned the first names of candidates from industry circles.

Alphonso Williams: The 55-year-old singer won "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" in 2017. The native American was considered a crowd puller in the show early on.

Silvia Wollny: The 53-year-old is known from the pseudo-documentary series "The Wollnys – A terrible big family". For "Celebrity Big Brother" 2018 she could be seen from the mother role.

Martin Rose: The 47-year-old was a former "daughter-in-law wanted" candidate. He must be able to imagine a good stay in the container.

June 4: Funny invitation for kicker Leroy Sané.

Leroy Sané, Bernd Leno, Nils Petersen and Jonathan Tah were in the provisional German team for the 2018 World Cup – but will not travel to Russia. Sat.1. responded to the Facebook page of "Celebrity Big Brother" with a probably not really serious invitation:

"Celebrity Big Brother": it starts in the summer

After the success of the past years there will also be a season of "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2018. Sat.1 has confirmed that the shipment will return in the summer. But there is no exact date yet.

The concept is unlikely to change much: about a dozen celebrities move to the Big Brother house and are watched around the clock by cameras. Candidates must also fulfill tasks. Depending on their performance, they can enjoy luxury or conventions in the spartanic area.

Every year there is a lot of conflict between the residents, who are gradually being voted down by the viewers. At the end there will be one winner – last year Jens Hilbert. (AZ)

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