Sat.1: "Celebrity Big Brother": Sophia Vegas is pregnant!

Now it's finally time: at the beginning of the second episode of the season of "Celebrity Big Brother " Sophia Vegas (30) drops the bomb. "There is something I want to tell you", reveals Bert Wollersheim's ex-67 (former) in the consulting room. After a long time back and forth, Vegas finally reveals his well-kept secret: "I am pregnant, I expect a little baby!" That is why they could not do yesterday's challenge, and at the same time cleared out the burgeoning rumors: "I have no health problems."

You can also stream all the episodes of the new "Celebrity Big Brother" series with Magine TV [19659003] Back with her roommates she also releases her " celebrity big brother " participant about her specific situation . "I changed my lifestyle and that's why I do not wear a corset anymore," Vegas begins her explanation. There will also be no more operations. But this has all a reason and her family would not even know: "I am pregnant." An absolute premiere for "Celebrity Big Brother": so far there was no pregnant familiarity in the container!

The bar with the chocolate bar

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The nerves in the house "Celebrity Big Brother" are completely off the beaten path of this living confession. Especially in Vegas itself, which appears with ten champion European champion Pascal Behrenbruch (33). The two residents of the construction pits took the towel in the ring: after they had mastered coins for a task they had mastered, the residents bought chocolate bars. At the distribution, but no Snickers left for Sophia. An absolute drama: "No, I do not like Mars, I just love Snickers", the pregnant chest miracle shows little reconciliation, also because Alphonso Williams (56) steals the last of her favorite bars and immediately smells a plot: "I think it is so superfluous, that is stupid, really stupid! " Of course, the athlete can not let this reproach rest on him: "Do not be angry about it." "You are not important to me," Vegas reacted almost disgustingly. Later in the consulting room you finally break the collar: "This is a bastard, I do not like such people."

No one knows Cora Schumacher

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"Just Cora" is called Cora Schumacher (41) for a while and does not introduce herself to her roommates with her famous surname. The result: Nobody knows exactly where Cora is known – and if so, anywhere. Even their explanation "Motorsport, motorsport" does not bring anyone the dime to fall. Or that will change in the next few days?

Mike Shiva admitted in the luxury area

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Then it was time: Cora Schumacher, Daniel Völz (33) and Silvia Wollny (52) were free to decide who released them from the excruciating pain from the construction site. When everyone expected the pregnant Vegas to enjoy the privileges, however, the three completely unexpectedly chose the prophet Mike Shiva (54). The explanation: Vegas was too obvious, they wanted a neutral person.

The submission of Ümit Kekilli

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After the premature and voluntary extract of Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (64) Ümit Kekilli (34) takes his place on the construction site. Even before he moved, the former Natascha Ochsenknecht (54) released quite meaningless statements in footballer jargon: "It will not be easy." He only hopes that the other candidates will like him. Whether it will be so annoying with him?

The duel of the evening in elevated height

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Daniel Völz competes against Johannes Haller (30) in the evening's game and both have to swing in high levels over wobbly poles. Despite his involuntary degradation, Haller wins the test in the best Spiderman way. So, Johannes, Silvia, Mike and Cora are in the luxury sector. One person too big for Big Brother to let the audience vote at the end of the show: Cora has to say goodbye and show him around on the construction site – for the very first time ever.

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