Selena Gomez has a new number one star

According to rumors, Selena Gomez is not happy with the upcoming wedding of her ex-Justin Bieber with the model Hailey Baldwin. But such triviality will not take a girl off his life if she can count on the support of her best friends.

With three of her BFFs, Selena recently went to a tattoo salon where each of the young women went to work Punch 4. "4 because you're the 4th of all for the rest of my life," the pop star reported on Instagram. "I love you, ladies."

There was a little extra for her "best" girlfriend. Courtney Barry, who celebrated her 26th birthday, was chosen to share an even more exclusive tattoo with Selena. From now on they wear two one on the ribs, which they proudly hold on Instagram.

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