Spike Lee: It was high time for BlacKk Klansman

Berlin –

Director Spike Lee has made many films that focus on racism against the Afro-African population. But for "BlacKkKlansman" it was high time given the socio-political context, as the 61-year-old told in an interview to the German press agency.

The film, with Adam Driver and John David Washington in the lead, is about a black policeman who crawls into the racist secret society Ku Klux Klan.

Question: Why is the Ku Klux Klan not forbidden?

Answer: It is assumed that the battle against them has already been won. It has started to remove statues of heroes, such as those of Confederate General Robert Edward Lee, who campaigned for the preservation of slavery. The next step is to remove Christopher Columbus in New York.

Question: Do you think your films can make a difference in the fight against racism?

Answer: I do not know, but I would wish it. However, I think they contribute to more involvement in discussions around the world, not just America. The issue of migration has become a global problem, as you can see in the French navy Le Pen or Brexit. Incidentally, & # 39; America First & # 39; a slogan that is not new. The American Nazis used it in the 1930s.

Question: Her film was released in the US on August 10, just before the anniversary of riots at an extreme-right rally in Charlottesville with one dead and many wounded. Coincidence or intention?

Answer: We did not want to wait any longer. The film had to be screened in August and not in September. A year after the violent riots, the extreme right probably returns. One can only hope that this time the police will be there. Given the socio-political context, it was high time for the film.

Question: you always mix your films with a good dose of humor. Do you think this will communicate better racism?

Answer: Many directors work with humor and irony, such as Stanley Kubrick. I think the right balance is important.

ABOUT PERSON: Spike Lee was born on March 20, 1957 in Atlanta, the son of a teacher and a jazz musician and composer. Lee is co-founder of the New Black Cinema from the eighties. His most famous films are "Jungle Fever", "Do the Right Thing" and "Malcom X". (AP)

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