"Storm of Love" star Sebastian Fischer: New photo's of the dream marriages of "Alicia" and "Victor" showed up

On 15 October the dream wedding of Alicia Lindbergh (Larissa Marolt) and Viktor Saalfeld (Sebastian Fischer) takes place at the Fürstenhof. There are not only many new photos, Sebastian tells BUNTE.de only what he thinks about getting married.

The fans have long been waiting for this: after many dramatic events, rivalries, evil intrigues and almost a murder, Alicia (Larissa Marolt) and Viktor (Sebastian Fischer) finally give the javascript in a few weeks. And more romantically, the screenwriters could not have organized the most beautiful day in the life of the two lovebirds. As you can see in the video above, the breathtaking wedding dress is only the ultimate dream.


Sebastian Fischer

"Storm of love" star Sebastian Fischer
In this dream man the fans are in shock love

Even the Viktor outfit in the style of the 20s with suspenders, chic vest and its obligatory flat cap is super sexy and fits perfectly with the romantic look of Larissa. "I was very enthusiastic about my wedding suit," reveals Sebastian Fischer exclusively in an interview with BUNTE.de: "I could absolutely imagine that I would marry, and I now have the complete outfit at home."

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That is how he proposes his wedding

Sebastian has been living with his girlfriend for ten years, and if he should marry, then in an unconventional way. "I love the marriage ritual, but it is not a must and no compulsion, you have to make a promise to someone, that does not make the church or the land register", he explains in an interview. The 35-year-old prefers to celebrate this ritual in the company of friends and says, "It is you." I do not think this saying & # 39; until death separates you & # 39; is not OK. You can not and must not promise because you do not know what life brings. Something unexpected can happen every day, so this promise can only be broken. "


Sebastian Fischer

"Storm of love" star Sebastian Fischer
"You have to bite through" – so he fights for his relationship

The wedding in the Fürstenhof, however, Sebastian very much appreciated. One last time with his beloved series Tina (Christine Balogh), Boris (Florian Frowein), Paul (Sandro Kirtzel), Werner (Dirk Galuba), Hildegard (Antje Hagen) and last but not least his favorite horse Typhoon to celebrate a whole emotional moment for the popular star series.

"At the wedding party I realized for the first time that the end is nearing, it was a funny and moving moment," said Sebastian, who will be replaced in the next season by the next dream man Julian Schneider aka Joshua Winter.

Just before the wedding, the weather is really dramatic. Sebastian Fischer reveals in the video below how the final will turn out to be.


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