The moderator legend Dieter Thomas Heck is death TV

Dieter Thomas Heck was an all-rounder: German presenter, pop singer, actor, showmaster, producer and entertainer. Under the name "Dieter Heckscher" he appeared in 1959 in Peter Frankenfeld & # 39; s talent show "toi, toi, toi" as a singer. Already in 1961 he sang in the preliminary round of the "Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson", the "Eurovision Song Contest" of today.

It should be different. During a visit to a radio station to promote his music career, he gave a test interview in 1963. When the moderator asked such uncomfortable questions, Heck took the interview for himself and immediately afterwards had a contract for a weekly radio broadcast in Southwest Radio in his pocket.

Nicknames searched about the "Bravo"

His nickname Thomas got Heck after a call in the "Bravo". Because in the "Radio Luxembourg", where Heck worked with Frank Elstner, all with the first name was approached and there was already a Dieter at the station, Heck just himself a new name on the youth magazine. Thomas chose the choice of readers.

Heck also made a TV career, initially with RTL and later with Saarland Broadcasting, where he put the then unpopular German hit in the middle. His program "The German Hit Parade" but went through the ceiling. The people in charge kept the viewing figures, but not the music. When Heck submitted a proposal for his own program, they waved away, but the ZDF had become noisy.

183 times in the "ZDF hit parade"

There Heck was finally a legend: from 1969 to 1984, he moderated a total of 183 times plus a few special broadcasts the "ZDF hit parade". It became one of the most important music programs of that time. It was followed by presentations on "4 to 4", "Black on White, your guess please", "Show Palace" and for the "Gala for German Cancer Assistance" and much more.

Moderator legend Dieter Thomas Heck is dead

The ZDF honored Heck 2007 with the surprise show "Thanks, Dieter Thomas Heck!" for his 70th birthday. Almost at the same time, Heck's shipments ran out and his contract was not renewed. At the end of 2007, Heck announced his resignation as a moderator after 38 years and 11 months before the camera. With the German television and film award, Heck was honored for his lifelong achievement in 2017.

Last time lived in Switzerland and Spain

Heck, an enthusiastic Borgward classic car collector, divorced his first wife Edda Heckscher in 1974. The couple had two sons. In 1976 he remarried, married Ragnhild Möller. A daughter emerged from this marriage. Heck recently lived in his homes in Switzerland and Spain. Heck, born on December 29, 1937, died on August 23 at the age of 80.

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