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Anna Eube

Unfair stars irritate Jennifer Lawrence

VMany models and Hollywood stars tell you how much they love pizza and fries. Of course they all fit in size zero. That something is not right here is clear – now there is someone! No wonder that it is Jennifer Lawrence: the actress often notices her simple way of doing things, in the US she likes to describe it as "no bullshit" – she does not dare to laugh at nonsense that everyone recognizes as nonsense.

The recent proof of this is provided by Lawrence in her interview with the magazine "InStyle", in which she speaks for more openness in Hollywood. "If you weigh 20 kilos and eat pizza all the time, people will not feel well, and if I go to the Academy Awards, I'll probably eat differently than usual to fit in my clothes." And I have no problem to say it. "

You knew, of course, that your own scale does not miraculously show five kilos less with increased pizza consumption. But at times when PlusSize models are among the best performing in the industry and every thigh cell is sold as "body positivity," it seems absurd for celebrities of zero size to take their preference for fast food. Especially because they do not think about what they convey. Everyone who, despite pizza, does not look perfect in tight jeans, probably does not have his life under control.

Thanks, Jennifer Lawrence! Good thing that was said. Even better, that it was not connected to a moral "who wants to be slim is superficial". Because Lawrence also thinks: it's good to want to fit in beautiful clothes – you just have to be able to admit what you do with it.

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