The singer of Led Zeppelin Robert Plant will be 70

eThere is still: Robert Plant. And that, even though he and his troops belong to those who have come dangerously close to the black-hot sun in the heart of the rock universe with their life-destroying excesses. Not with waxy wings, but with whole shopping bags full of cola. This "Led Zeppelin" finally collapsed when her drummer John Bonham was found dead on September 25, 1980 in the home of guitarist Jimmy Page. "He was my brother", Robert Plant sings in a radio interview with Howard Stern in October 2017. "He was unpredictable, but he was an impressive guy."

Axel Weidemann

That his death would end the flight of the Zeppelin, is clear when you on Youtube again a live recording of the song "Moby Dick" in front of his eyes and ears plays, in which one of the best hit producers in the world about eight minutes in it Balls drumming far beyond our imagination while Plant, Page and their bassist John Paul Jones walk to the edge of the stage.

He grows along with the music

How do you go after expanding the musical and physical combat zones of the genre over a period of ten years with this rock-killer squadron? If you, like Plant, have defined yourself as vocally cavernous about the vocals as a precise screaming macho Goldilocks? In any case, Plant distances himself and develops his music and his voice, even if he does not lose the massive shadow of the phallic rocket. Some singers can not even free themselves from a song, how can you deal with the creation of an entire band? "Songs like & # 39; Babe I & # 39; m gonna You & # 39; – There I find my singing horrible today," Plant said once, but what kind of a sturdy container must this person be to such music to transport, to rinse well afterwards, to reinvent himself and his songs all of a sudden?

Born in 1948 in West Bromwich, Staffordshire, who covered his music career with his Band of Joy songs by Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape at the beginning (as well as the approaching end), with the English "Father of the Blues", Alexis Korner , makes music that uses Welsh, Greek and Norwegian mythology in both his texts and the works of JRR Tolkien – he can take a lot with him, but he is not invulnerable. In 1975 he suffered a serious car accident. For seven months he is in a wheelchair, still on crutches he records the song "Achilles Last Stand" for the Led Zeppelin album "Presence".

After the end of the band, Plant goes on alone, experiments, goes to Morocco, learns from the music of the Berbers, plays "unplugged" with Jimmy Page, with which he even released two albums in 1994 and 1998 and immediately shared with him again. It becomes the phenomenal bluegrass musician Alison Krauss, who shows him both musically and vocally: their joint album "Raising Sand" (2007) gets five Grammy's in 2009. So Plant has grown with and with the music that has always been surrounded by him and blown through him – and has therefore made a remarkable change from the divine rock-and-n-roll idiot to the sober, old, wise man of world music. He has managed something that only a select number of rock-great people have ever mastered sufficiently solidly: he has become old. And not that bad. Today he celebrates his seventieth birthday.

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