Tom Kaulitz is divorced – and Heidi Klum already has a love tattoo

Few knew that
Tom Kaulitz
was ever married. In 2015 the girlfriend of Heidi Klum and beauty queen Ria Sommerfeld pronounced the oath. Kaulitz filed the divorce in 2016. It now became official on August 17, as confirmed by a spokeswoman from the Los Angeles District Court, the German press agency.

Tom Kaulitz is divorced

Heidi Klum should be happy with the news. Although Kaulitz and Sommerfeld are no longer a pair, the final divorce is likely to be liberating. Klum and Kaulitz now regularly show themselves in public and on social media.

And that's not how it stays: with Heidi Klum the love is under your skin – you know that since then
in front of
with seal. When the boss of "Germany & # 39; s Next Top Model" joined the singer, his name adorned her forearm. Eternal love should not only be strengthened by the fact that Seal and Heidi renewed their promise of marriage every year, but also by the ink on Heidi's body. After nine years of marriage it was about between the two – and the tattoo had to go.

A V for Vito Schnabel and a T for Tom Kaulitz

A small V followed on the inside of Klum's left ring finger. For art dealers
Vito's beak
, with whom the 45-year-old was three years together. But even this relationship should not last forever.

Heidi recently got a small heart out of the letter. A different letter has now been decorated for her wrist. A T, for Tom Kaulitz. Whether one day she needs to know this proof of love, time will tell. Only one tattoo will probably never separate the top model: for her four children she was four years ago, four stars in her arm. Relationships end, the love for the children remains.

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