Too boring for "Bauer sucht Frau": RTL throws farmers out of TV shows

In fact, the trained metalworker wanted to find a partner for life in the 14th season of the RTL-dome show "Bauer sucht Frau" (start: 15 October, 20.15). The broadcaster also shot a commercial with the farmer from Eichsfeld, who ran on TV on Whitsun and is available on the internet. But before the first butterflies fluttered in the stomach, ezellie enthusiast Thomas was retired.

A RTL spokeswoman confirmed BILD: "Of the 16 candidates we have presented at Pentecost, only 12 men have arrived at the show." And adds very kindly: "That Thomas is no longer here, we have a lot of regrets, This has editorial reasons, because only the most interesting stories are broadcast."

But translates: Thomas was too boring! That is what BILD learned from production circles. The other candidates are apparently these farms in Canada, Namibia, Luxembourg and Austria.

Inka Bause (49) also organizes the 14th season of the umbrella show

Inka Bause (49) also organizes the 14th season of the "Bauer sucht Frau" umbrella show, which will be broadcast on RTL on 15 October

The Thuringian only has an idyllic Vierseithof near Heiligenstadt with a 400-year-old mill. There he lives with two donkeys, two shepherd dogs, two cows and three pigs. He produces sausages and offers carriage rides with the donkeys.

Thomas has never had a solid relationship. But even after removing RTL, the farmer continues to believe in love: "I do not hang my head, I'm still looking for a woman, but not so public anymore."

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