U2 singer Bono stops concert in Berlin

If the voice of the front man of the band strikes at a rock concert, it does not look good. That was to determine Saturday night, the U2 fans in Berlin. The Irish rock band around Bono (58) had to cancel their concert after 20 minutes.

Everything started off so well. The appearance at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin was the second appearance of U2 as part of his European tour "Experince + Innocence." The day before, the Irish had performed in the capital of Germany and brought the room to the boil.

«I have to get off the podium now»

On Saturday night, fans should receive a second mega show. After a promising start frontman Bono (58) suddenly lost his voice. In the fourth song ("Red Flag Day") he scratched into the microphone. A rectilinear sound was excluded.

The audience appeared to understand, as Twitter video shows. On the song "Beautiful Day" they supported the (vocally) wobbly bono and sang along loudly. But Bono had enough: "I have to leave the stage now," he exclaimed apologetically in the crowd.

Replacement date for concert

According to the "B.Z." the U2 star was treated behind the podium by an emergency doctor. The fans then still had hope and shouted: "" Bono, we love you. "Then came the destructive message from the organizer:" Bono will not return to the podium ".

Small consolation for the U2 fans: a replacement date has to be found, the tickets remain valid. Why Bono's voice failed is still unclear. (Nim)

Posted on 02.09.2018 | Updated at 03:50

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