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After the remarkable worldwide success of The Threepenny Opera & # 39; the cinema wants to win the acclaimed author of the piece. But Bertolt Brecht (Lars Eidinger) is not ready to play according to the rules of the film industry. His idea of ​​the "Threepenny Film" is radical, uncompromising, political, rush hour. He wants to make a completely new type of film and knows that the production company will never get involved. It's all about success at the cash register.

While before the eyes of the author in his film version of the Threepenny Opera the battle of the London gangster MacHeath (Tobias Moretti) with the head of Bettelmafia Peachum (Joachim Król) begins to take shape, Brecht seeks a public debate. He brings the production company to court to prove that the money interests claim against his right as a writer … A poet shows reality – it has never happened before!

The film is based on "The Threepenny Opera" by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill in collaboration with Elisabeth Hauptmann, as well as on "The Bump – A Threepenny Film", "The Threepenny Novel", "The Threepenny Process – A Sociological Experiment" and other texts by Bertolt Brecht.

The trailer of "Mackie Messer – Brecht & # 39; s Dreigroschenfilm":

The competition is active until September 16, 2018 (23.59 hours). The legal process is excluded.

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