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In an interview in the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", Wolfgang Ambros, Grand Old Man of the Austropop, had found "many brown piles" in the FPÖ, after which their general secretary, Christian Hafenecker, one. a. "Abgehalftert". Such criticism was "a bit exaggerated", warned FPÖ leader Strache, even in the "South German" by Ambros-unfriendly treatment, in the "courier". Meanwhile, Ambros explained in the online portal meinbezirk.at: "Would the z. Regarding the state of the SPÖ, I would have said my opinion and would not have gone well." How can you reduce such an important movement, divide and change into a neglected couple, I do not know who is the culprit, the goddess Gertrud says that it was Faymann, the woman knows more about politics than many others. & # 39;

Ambros also criticized the "Fellner media" (eg "Austria"): they had released "loud belting". The excitement in the social media was just a "shit fan". In his hometown of Kitzbühel, no one was furious about his statements: "All-vegetable-friendly, I do not have the impression that someone is mad at me, but I will still talk to people voting for FPÖ and ask if I am still their friend." 39;

("Die Presse", printed edition, 27.08.2018)

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