WWE SummerSlam 2018: that's how the fans got to Lesnar

Wrestling League WWE and their fans – that is often a complicated relationship.

The biggest show fight promotion in the world has a large, loyal audience. But even the biggest and most loyal followers are also the most critical, the WWE top stars Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns feel this time and time again.

Governs – although officially a & # 39; good & # 39; – often buys from the arena. Lesnar also polarizes, especially because he only shows himself in the ring on special occasions.

So it was very daring to make a match between Reigns and Lesnar at the SummerSlam 2018, and even in New York, where WWE fans are particularly critical, smart and often bitter.

Critics feared a similar fan debacle as WrestleMania, because Reigns and Lesnar caused huge fanfruit in the Superdome of New Orleans. This time could SPORT1 See WWE do better on location in Brooklyn – watch the fans' expectations and manipulate them at ease.

SPORT1 editor Martin Hoffmann is at the SummerSlam site
SPORT1 editor Martin Hoffmann is at the SummerSlam site © SPORT1 image: Getty Images

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The other highlights of SummerSlam

Braun Strowman turns everything upside down

The first successful artifact, performed by the scriptwriters responsible for the film, surprisingly interrupted the performance of Universal Champion Lesnar and Challenger Reigns with a performance of "Mr. Monster in the Bank" by Braun Strowman.

The appearance was expected – but only after the game. Reigns would beat Lesnar and then Strowman would get his money-in-the-bank, ever-replaceable title match and become a new champion: that's what most fans and experts expected.

Instead, Strowman announced that he was not a coward from an ambush: the winner of the competition might be willing to take the fight with him.

WWE undermines smart expectations

WWE broke expectations and achieved various positive effects.

First, it avoided a scenario that would eventually be a copy of WrestleMania 31 in 2015, when Seth Rollins cashed in and became a WWE champion at the end of the first fight with Lesnar Reign.

Secondly, Strowman's performance also prevented the dreaded scenario that viewers in the Barclays Center would sue Lesnar and Reigns with disinterest and wait for Strowman's execution.

Strowman was already there and although the fans finally "You both suck!" in the direction of Reigns and Lesnars they were packed from start to finish with the Plot Twist. They were successfully "edited" as they say in wrestling jargon.

Roman Reigns is saved from fan craze

The end was then also the expectations of the fans. Strowman got caught in the middle of the fight, Lesnar hit him with the money-in-the-bank suitcase and threw him in a high arch to the wall of the entrance.

Then governs Lesnar and remained champion because Strowman had no opportunity to pick up the suitcase and exchange his announced title match.

Because it remained unclear until the end whether Strowman would do that anyway, WWE canceled another undesirable scenario: that the New York fans would end the show after the title victory of Reigns with a storm of poison against the big dog & # 39 ;.

In the hall there was still loud cheer when WWE announced the end of the broadcast by showing the production credits. For fans of the TV and stream devices that came only as a short reverberation.

Brock Lesnar probably disappeared – title race is exciting

Although many fans were angry that Reigns and not Strowman would replace Lesnar, who will probably switch to UFC, WWE will be the success of the SummerSlam final.

The goal of the competition is not that the fans always get exactly what they want. Strowman's first miserable cash-in was – as in a good television series – the Cliffhanger, which should encourage the public to re-engage next time to see how things go.

WWE should have succeeded, even though the SummerSlam finals are normally banned again in the net.

Moreover, there are indeed very grateful voices for the fact that the competition this time was a bit smarter than its smartest audience.

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