2018 already registered cases of measles in Lower Austria – Lower Austria

The World Health Organization warns against a blatant increase in measles disease in Europe ("Today" ) Reported. In Lower Austria too, the figures are again above average this year.

17 cases already

From January to August 2018, 17 cases of measles were registered in Lower Austria. Most of them (3) in the district St. Pölten-Land, two each in Amstetten, Baden, Bruck, Mistelbach and Tulln and one disease each in the districts Gänserndorf, Korneuburg and the cities St. Pölten and Wr. Neustadt.

Already in the last year of 2017 the measles figures in Lower Austria rose (in 2016 there were only two in the district Baden, an increase of 1,350 percent), from January to December there were 29 diseases. At the same time hotspot: St. Pölten-Land with nine cases ("Today" here and here reported).

The numbers are thus again above average, as is nö. Medical director Irmgard Lechner confirmed: "Yes, this assumption is correct, but it should be remembered that measles occur mainly during the cold season, which means that we expect an increased incidence of measles at the earliest in October."

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