Bacteria in raw fish: after the sushi dinner! Man loses hand and forearm

Fever, pain and eventually amputation – a 71-year-old South Korean had to undergo this terrible experience after eating sushi.

The spirits often separate with sushi. Some like it, others hate it. There seems to be little in between. But lovers of Japanese delicacy must be careful. Because the fish in the small rolls is raw, it also brings dangers. This was painfully a 71-year-old South Korean.


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parasites danger
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As reported by the "New England Journal of Medicine" on "", the older man from South Korea broke up to a high fever about twelve hours after a sushi dinner. For two days the temperatures raged in him, including pain in his left hand. Eventually he came to the emergency room: in his left palm there was a large blister, about four inches wide. Blisters had also formed on the back of his hand and forearm. What was the reason for this painful development?

The left hand and the forearm had to be amputated

As the doctors had to establish, the 71-year-old was infected with an aggressive bacterium: Vibrio vulnificus. Such an infection is more specifically called vibribio and took a serious run in the case of the suffering man. For although the man was treated with two kinds of antibiotics, the painful blisters formed deep ulcers and the affected tissue began to die.


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In the end, the doctors felt compelled to take a drastic step to save the man's life. Twenty-five days after he was admitted to hospital and doctors began to fight for his limbs, his left hand and forearm were amputated. Only then could the infection be stopped. The good news: after the amputation the man quickly improved and he could return home.

Sushi as unknown danger?

Does this mean that we are all threatened with vibriosis when we eat raw meat? The answer is happy: no. Because normally a healthy immune system can successfully defend itself against these bacteria, even if they should be on raw fish that we consume. The accident of the 71-year-old South Korean was that his immune system was weakened by his age and previous type 2 diabetes.


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