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In the Schafalm in Alpbach experts gathered at the weekend for the fifth health stop. Michael Gnant (head of the surgery department at the Vienna Medical University), the Tiroler Martin Schaffenrath (vice-chairman of the Federation of Social Security Institutions) and Sonja Klima (president of the Ronald McDonald child support) argued for a common theme: an improved oncology care for seriously ill children. "In order to become healthy, sick children in particular need the proximity and care of their families, and our goal is that no seriously ill child without parents should be in Austria," Klima said.

The experts approached studies that you. a. show that if you are close to relatives as part of the therapy concept, the healing process will accelerate by a maximum of one third.

Gnant and Schaffenrath, who presented a manifesto in Seitenstett about the future oncological care in Austria a year ago, agreed with her. It was about it now, said Gnant, "concrete conditions and measures to discuss and develop." Schaffenrath recalled that during the Schafalm discussed the subject of rehabilitation children and then solutions worked together. The climate, Gnant and Schaffenrath together require: "Just like Germany, the health insurance companies of parents with seriously ill children the daily rate of 22.50 euros during the treatment period. " (TT)

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