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Vienna, The fact that the number of cases of measles in 2017 more than tripled compared with the previous year (95 cases of measles were counted in the previous year) and Austria did not come closer to the WHO goal of eliminating measles (the figures represent a setback), must be regarded as alarms. to be. This was announced on Thursday by the President of the Austrian Medical Association (ÖÄK), Thomas Szekeres.

A general duty to vaccinate – such as a demanded Gunnerse grocer from the ombudsman ("If appeals and information campaigns do not lead to the goal, a compulsory vaccination is inevitable") – this was not a solution. This would be understood by the population as a coercive measure. However, the suggestion of the Ombudsman's Office to link vaccinations to the full payment of social benefits in the context of the mother-child pass is worth considering.

Given that there are the largest implants in young adults, it will not be possible to continue the efforts to raise the population. The fact that a measles disease strengthens the immune system is a "dangerous fairy tale", said the vaccination officer of the Austrian Medical Association, Hans Jürgen Dornbusch of the Medical University of Graz. It has previously been proven that measles are often severe and sometimes even fatal and suffer from a weakened immune system for up to two years.

On the subject of skepticism, the leader of the ÖÄK-Impfreferats, pediatrician Rudolf Schmitzberger said: "The number of convinced Impfgegnern is manageable, the biggest challenge being the large group of parents who actually want the best for their child, but those who have misinformation, especially on social media, vaccines. "

Distrust of official vaccination recommendations was inappropriate according to the ÖAK. One can be confident that with the recommended vaccinations all risks are "so small that they are disproportionate to the damage caused by a vaccine disease," Dornbusch said. (M. S./APA)

("Die Presse", printed edition, 24.08.2018)

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