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The magazine "The Lancet" concludes that people who consume "moderate" carbohydrates live longer than those who depend on a "low carb" diet. But even the extreme consumption of carbohydrates reduces life expectancy.

15:58 hours, 17 August 2018

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Long time "Low Carb "nutrition as a non-plus ultra for weight loss, but also for an increase in life expectancy. An American long-term study is now a form of nutrition in which so few carbohydrates are eaten, but now in demand. This reports and retrieves a report from the magazine "The Lancet" . As the doctor says in Goethe's master, the current study also says: "Everything with measure and purpose!"

Much healthier than radical to limit the consumption of carbohydrates, it is moderate to lower them. In addition, meat must be replaced with vegetable proteins and fats. People who consume about half of their energy from carbohydrates would, according to the research, have the longest life expectancy.

Extreme is never good

This is also substantiated by concrete figures: who [moderately] consumes life expectancy of 33 years from the 50th birthday have had. People who only receive about 30 percent of the energy from carbohydrates would have a life expectancy that is four years shorter . On the other hand, life expectancy is also reduced by extremely high carbohydrate consumption of 65 percent and more – by one year .

The article from "The Lancet Public Health".

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