Lorcaserin: This study hopes for obese people

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decreasing pill This study hopes for obese people

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The active substance Lorcaserin is sold in the US under the name Belviq The active substance Lorcaserin is sold in the US under the name Belviq

The active substance Lorcaserin is sold in the US under the name Belviq

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Weight loss medications have a bad name. Especially the heart suffers from long-term intake. American researchers now want to find an appetite suppressant in a long-term study in which this should be different.

YOUS researchers can strongly hope for obesity: for the first time there is an appetite suppressant, which apparently does not cause serious heart problems with long-term use. This is reported by the British press agency "Press Association" (PA).

Researchers had tested the agent Lorcaserin for more than 40 months on two groups – one got the appetite suppressant, the other a placebo. A total of 12,000 obese or obese people took part in the study. The Lorcaserin group lost an average of four kilograms. Nearly 3300 of the patients with lorcases were examined at the heart valve – no serious effects were found on the heart.

The PA quoted Tam Fry from the British National Obesity Forum, who spoke about the possible discovery of the Holy Grail & # 39; of medication against weight loss. "That's what everyone was looking for," he said.

Lorcaserin has an appetite suppressant effect. The brain is inflated twice a day. In the United States, the drug has been approved for overweight adults since 2012 and is sold for $ 220 to $ 290 per month under the Belviq name. It has not yet been approved in the EU.

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During the study, 39 percent of Lorcaserin participants lost at least five percent of their original weight. In the placebo group, only 17 percent lost a similar amount of weight. Apparently this also has positive effects on blood sugar levels: the percentage of those who suffered from diabetes during the test period, with 8.5 percent being slightly lower in the Lorcaserin patients than in the placebo group (10.3 percent).

The long-term research was Erin Bohula, cardiologist at Brigham and Women & # 39; s Hospital, an academic hospital of Harvard's prestigious medical faculty. "Patients and doctors were reluctant to treat obesity with medication – and with good reason, and these drugs have had serious side effects in the past," the doctor said. The slimming tablets damaged the heart and preferred depression.

The results of the study were presented at the weekend at the European Society of Cardiology in Munich and already published in the "New England Journal of Medicine". By the way, Lorcaserin is not without side effects. Dizziness, nausea and headache are the most common. Effects on the vote can not be excluded either. In the study, 21 people from the drug test group developed suicidal thoughts, compared with eleven in the placebo group. However, people had depressive pre-existing conditions.

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