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Low Carb is the eternal favorite among the tips for weight loss. Bread, pasta and potatoes are simply topped with a steak and a salad. Sounds healthy, but according to a new study that is not the case: scientists at Brigham and Women & # 39; s Hospital in Boston have now discovered that low-carbohydrate diets reduce life expectancy by a few years.


Have you successfully lost a diet?

For 25 years Dr. Sara Seidelmann and a group of researchers wonder how healthy a low-carbohydrate diet actually is. More than 15,000 subjects were examined. Both at the start of the study and six years later, the participants completed a nutritional questionnaire that estimated the carbohydrate, fat and protein content in the food.

Four years less

The result: everyone who ate a balanced intake of carbohydrates (50 percent on average) had the longest life expectancy – and from the age of 50 they had 33 years to go. The test subjects who now consciously eat few carbohydrates and only consume 30 percent or even fewer carbohydrates in their diet, had only 29 years from their 50th life expectancy. That makes a difference of four years.

Incidentally, the data on the shortened life expectancy resulted from the fact that researchers linked all data to more than 6,000 deaths during the research period.

There is a solution

However, the research also yielded another interesting insight: those who reduce carbohydrates, but at the same time replace them with vegetable proteins and fats, for example in the form of nuts or legumes, reduce the risk of dying a bit. In a meaty diet with few carbohydrates, the risk of dying earlier is about 20 percent higher. The reason: animal proteins and fats in the body lead to inflammation and aging processes more quickly.

Still parties are forbidden

But those who now believe that they can stifle their stomach with pasta and pizza every night, unfortunately also have a damper on the research: in order to age properly, it is essential to have a moderate level of carbohydrates. Those who permanently eat more than 65 percent of them live on average a year shorter. The half line is the bottom line the golden line.

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