The 21-year-old YouTube star dies after a lung operation, but her legacy lives on

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A world collapses for her family and fans: the young Youtuber gets a lung transplant. But then there are unforeseen complications.

She was young, beautiful and even had her own foundation: Claire Wineland was more than just an X-Youtube asterisk for her fans and friends, and filmed videos about beauty, stars or boys. In her films she treated a much more serious subject: the rare hereditary disease cystic fibrosis.

Rare hereditary disorder Cystic fibrosis: when the lungs fail

The 21-year-old suffered since her birth of the serious metabolic disease, in which the salt and water transport of the cells is disrupted. As a result, some body secretions are viscous than others, which has particularly serious consequences for the lungs.

As a result, the mucus will probably accumulate more there, the ventilation of the organ no longer works properly – with the result that bacteria settle. Affected suffer therefore more often chronic cough, pneumonia and respiratory tract infectionsSo also Wineland.

Also tragic: Woman has never touched a cigarette – and yet she has the lungs of a 60-year-old chain smoker.

Despite a successful operation: Youtuberin dies from a stroke

That's why she should be one get new lung and was exploited at the end of August. The procedure was successful – but only a short time later the young woman got one stroke because of a blood clot that had formed in her brain.

Last Sunday (September 2) she died peacefully in the circle of her loved ones in the hospital, according to the Facebook statement of Laura McHolm, president of the Claire & # 39; s Place Foundation. The parents of Wineland have now revealed to the American television channel CNN that they want to donate the organs of their daughter.

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