Too much "good" cholesterol increases the risk of heart attacks "

Very high levels can also increase cardiac risk. However, further studies are necessary.

13:27, August 26, 2018

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Too much "good" HDL cholesterol leads to an increased risk of heart attacks and mortality. Similar findings were presented by Andrea Podczeck-Schweighofer, chairman of the Austrian Cardiology Society (ÖKG), at the European Cardiology Congress in Munich.

Especially people with HDL values ​​above 60 milligram / deciliter (1.5 mmo / L) have a result of an American study and a nearly 50 percent increased riskto die of cardiovascular disease or to have a heart attack, as people with values ​​between 41 and 60 milligrams / deciliter.

The research is based on the Emory Cardiovascular Biobank and has evaluated the correlations between HDL cholesterol levels and the risk of infarction and mortality in 5,965 people with a mean age of 63 years, most of whom had heart disease.

Further research is necessary

"HDL is often called" good cholesterol "because HDL molecules can help transport cholesterol out of the vascular wall, thereby reducing the risk of clogged blood vessels and arteriosclerosis," said Podczeck-Schweighofer.

The mantra of HDL cholesterol as & # 39; good & # 39; cholesterol will no longer apply to everyone.

Andrea Podczeck-Schweighofer, cardiologist

The study results are interesting on the one hand because they confirm existing data very high HDL cholesterol levels possibly no protective effect. Secondly, in contrast to most other available data, the study was mainly performed in patients with an existing heart condition.

The authors of the research, however, recognize that further research is needed to understand the mechanisms in detail. "One thing, however, is clear that the mantra of HDL cholesterol as" good "cholesterol no longer applies to everyone," said Podczeck-Schweighofer.

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