West Nile virus: up to now eleven cases in Austria

West Nile virus: up to now eleven cases in Austria

Up to now, 11 cases of the West Nile virus have been reported in Austria. This is confirmed by Stephan Aberle of the Virology Department of MedUni Vienna.

"In principle we have a few cases every year," says the virologist. "This year it's a bit more, but that's nothing unusual." Southern European countries reported increased levels of West Nile Fever this year. 47 confirmed deaths in Serbia, Italy and Greece alone.

The season started early in Europe, already at the end of June. But that does not apply to Austria, where it started in August. Eight of the eleven cases were acquired in Austria & # 39; & # 39; and three were imported according to the expert.

Up to 80 percent of an infection without symptoms, otherwise as a mild fever condition. In 0.7 percent of those affected, however, a neurological symptomatology develops, which must go to the hospital. As in the case of TBE, severe cases are more common in the elderly, with a mortality rate of about ten percent.

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