World Heart Day: Nearly every fifth mortality from cardiovascular disease is caused by air pollution – a total of 3 million deaths worldwide every year

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World Heart Day (WHD, September 29, 2018)
the World Heart Federation (WHF) about the relationship between
poor air quality and cardiovascular diseases (HKE)
Air pollution in the outdoor and indoor areas is increasing
an important risk factor for cardiovascular diseases:
Air pollution is the cause of it 19 % of everything by HKE
caused deathsthat is over 3 million people per
Year (
– 7 million people (
ence / Air-Pollution_and_Health_Conference_Brochure_SavetheDate_FINAL
_web5-EN.pdf.pdf? RE = 1) dying prematurely due to air pollution:
1.4 million people by stroke and more than 2 million
by heart disease (
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AL_web5-EN.pdf.pdf? Ua = 1).
Cardiovascular diseases are for the most part worldwide
Responsible for deaths. They cause over 17.5 million
Deaths per year
(, The World Heart Day
is the largest HKE awareness campaign around
Heart health through education and awareness

On September 29 of this year, the World Heart Federation (WHF) became aware of an increasingly important risk factor for HKE: air pollution.

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The latest scientific evidence in the journal nature Warns that air pollution caused by nitrogen dioxide and suspended particles is clearly related to HKE mortality. Bad air quality is the newest Research into the global burden of disease Number 4 Causes of DALY (Disability Adjusted Life Year) – a lost year of "healthy living".

Professor David Wood, WHF President: "On the occasion of World Heart Day, we create awareness of poor indoor and outdoor air quality as an increasingly important risk factor and we bring all stakeholders in cardiovascular health from around the world together to join forces in the fight against cardiovascular disease (CVD). ) to work. "

My heart, your heart

World Heart Day was launched by the World Heart Federation (WHF) and aims to reduce the increasing number of people with cardiovascular disease (HKE). This goal must be achieved through education to a "healthy" lifestyle.

On September 29, people from all over the world will join forces to fight HKE by launching awareness activities and events, talking about it on social media, campaign video organize fundraising for their regional Heart Foundation and illuminate emblematic monuments or buildings.

Our campaign, in collaboration with Manulife and Philips, includes a simple call to action: Let your heart promise. The promise to eat healthier, to exercise more and to say no to smoking. The promise as a health care professional to continue working on reducing the impact of KVE. The promise as a politician to draw up an action plan for non-communicable diseases. A simple promise … for MY HEART, FOR YOUR HEART, FOR ALL OUR HEARTS.

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