A7 direction Linz is closed for two days

A7 direction Linz is closed for two days

LINZ. It is not allowed to drive between Dornach and Urfahr from Saturday to Monday.

A7 direction Linz closed for two days

At full speed, the two bypasses for the Voest bridge have been under construction since the beginning of the year. Image: Alexander Schwarzl

The timetable for the construction of the two bypass bridges for the Linz Voest bridge is tight. In the second quarter of 2020, the two bridges are expected to be completed. A few months later than planned at the beginning of construction.

This weekend truck drivers will probably notice the impact of the construction site more than ever. From Saturday 25 August, 15 hours, until Monday 27 August, 5 am, the Mühlkreis autobahn in the direction of the Linz interchange between the Dornach and Urfahr junctions is completely blocked. "Just as with the Linz marathon, the recommended and signposted detour takes place via the connecting points Pleschinger Straße, Steyreggerbrücke and Urfahr", says Martin Pöcheim, group leader of Asfinag.

This far-reaching distraction was prescribed by the Asfinag authority. The fact that many drivers will probably choose another route through Linz in the real world is, however, familiar with those responsible for the road construction business. "For the local population it is also possible to avoid the Freistädter Straße and the Urfahr junction, and the Voest bridge can also be used on the A7 barrier," says project manager Josef Reischl. Many drivers will probably also avoid the Nibelungen bridge.

Next weekend the Hafenstraße exit will be closed between Friday 10 pm and Monday 5 am in the morning. From the locked ramp, the first components of the bypass bridges are mounted on the existing bridge. Heavy trucks and special cranes are used to safely transport the 70 tonnes of steel parts to their destination.

Here the A7 is blocked:

By March 2020, a total of 14 access and exit routes will be constructed or rebuilt for the new bypasses. EUR 168 million is invested to expand the A7 in the Danube region. The purpose of the two bypasses is to unbundle traffic in Linz. The drivers who want to go to Linz are bundled on the bypasses. Those who drive through the capital of the state only stay on the four lanes of the existing bridge.

In total, eight motorways will pass through Linz de Donau in the year 2020. Until then, motorists must still be extremely patient on some days. (Hip)

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