Back Pitztal accessible again – Wiener Zeitung online

St. Leonhard in the Pitztal. The rear Pitztal is cut off from the outside world on Monday mornings at various berths on Pitztalstraße (L16). The L16 was closed between St. Leonhard and Mandarfen. From 13.00 hours, vehicles are allowed every hour on the hour, according to the country in a press release.

On Sunday night a strong thunderstorm was drawn over the rear Pitztal. Among other things, the Pitztalstraße in Plangeroß and Neurur was moved. "We estimate that about 4,000 cubic meters of rubble have landed on the road and in the riverbed of the Pitze," said Johannes Monz from the office of the Imst building district. The cleaning up would therefore take some time.

In the Murenabgängen three parked cars were also caught and damaged by the water and rubble masses. No one was injured.

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