BAT affair – Allegations of resurrection by the Nazis against two BAT officials

Vienna (APA) – New accusations have emerged in the affair surrounding the Federal Agency for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight Against Terrorism (BVT). The dismissed spy chief P. and one of his former employees S. is now also accused of Nazi re-operation. The two officials were hit by the house search in February, the "courier" reported in his Sunday number. Both reject the accusations.

According to documents received by the "Kurier", the investigators of the prosecutor's office informed the two BVT officials at the end of September in the Vienna Public Prosecution Service. The Vienna prosecutor handed over the case to the public prosecutor Wiener Neustadt in early October.

"It is now on the private brand of mobile phones." Samsung accused S. of various photo ?? s, who are extreme right or trivialize the National Socialist genocide or other Nazi crimes against humanity, "the newspaper quoted the opportunity report of the researchers.

In particular, in the years 2012 and 2014, S. would have sent at least 19 Nazi photos with anti-Semitic and racist slogans to four or five BVT colleagues in a WhatsApp group. These photo's were found in the memory of S.'s smartphone, more images reportedly on the phone of his ex-chef P. However, the latter did not distribute these photos after the previous investigation. The images must be automatically saved on his phone by WhatsApp.

The accused denies the accusations. "I am not in favor of Nazi ideology and racism – on the contrary," says S. through a lawyer. "I have collected these things because I wanted to know how to act legally, but our experts have told me that you can not really find the authors of these contemptuous representations."

The lawyer of the former espionage commander explains: "The current research clearly shows that every effort is made to discredit my client and justify the search for houses afterwards." And further: "My client is already out of his family history Opponents of every Fascist and National Socialist ideology. & # 39;

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