Begin for the test of the honor murder

The horrible bloody act had caused horror throughout Austria on September 18 of the previous year.

The suspect – a 21-year-old Afghan expert who claimed to be only 18 years old to be prosecuted under the Juvenile Justice Act – would have his younger sister Bakhti S. (18) in the Reumannplatz underground station (Favorites) and then lured to a Conversation in the backyard of a residential building in the Puchsbaumgasse.


There, Hikmatullah S. would have taken a fighting knife and executed his sister with 25 sutures. The motive of the 21-year-old, who is defended by star lawyer Niki Rast, should have been "honor". Bakhti apparently had to die because she wanted to live on the Western model, had a girlfriend and had moved home from her parents' will and had fled to a supervised facility.

In a guilty claim Hikmatullah threatens life imprisonment. It is the assumption of innocence.

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