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In the Austrian National Bank, the two highest positions will soon be fulfilled: the governor and the president.

As reported by the & # 39; Presse & # 39; on Tuesday night, something very unexpected can be reported.

Turquoise blue deal

Because it could have been assumed that the Federal Chancellor Party ÖVP occupied the highest and most important functions of the Governor of the National Bank. In return, the FPÖ would have appointed the next (less important) president. But it will probably be the other way around.

Mr. 1000 Euro bill

Because the current national bank president Claus Raidl (ÖVP-nah) will be replaced again by an ÖVP neighbor. Namely the boss of the Economic Chamber, Harald Mahrer (45). The former Minister of Foreign Affairs was known to the general public two years ago with his fiercely debated idea of ​​a banknote of € 1,000.

The appointment of Mahrer, who will fulfill his new position in September, was confirmed by the APA from government circles. He remains president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Main item of the FPÖ

Not confirmed, but logical, would be that the FPÖ in its turn fulfills the function of governor. The former director of the World Bank Robert Holzmann (FPÖ) comes into question. He should replace the current SPÖ close governor Ewald Nowotny.

Decisions must be taken at the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, August 22nd.


The General Council of the National Bank has already been politically renewed in recent months. All SPÖ-affiliated members were replaced, now they are in their place counselors of the FPÖ and ÖVP, as the "press" reports. The presidency is at the head of the General Council, which is now being filled. Operationally, the National Bank is led by the board of directors, led by the governor.

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