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The government has today approved a list of judges at the federal administrative court, which causes a stir. For among the appointees, Hubert Keyl, once a close associate of the former Third National Council President Martin Graf (FPÖ) and in 2010 involved in a throbbing affair in which the well-known neo-Nazi Gottfried Küssel appeared in his favor.

SPÖ spokesperson Hannes Jarolim was "shocked" by the appointment of Hubert Keyl, while deputy NEOS club chairman Niki Scherak described the step as "unsustainable".
"The fact that the FPÖ and Hubert Keyl appoint a friend of the well-known neo-nazi Gottfried Küssel as a judge for the federal administrative court is unacceptable, as it shows once more how the FPÖ, with the help of the ÖVP, the most important functions in Austria, "Scherak said in a press release.

Eruption of responsibility

Jarolim said he was "upset by the APA because it goes beyond the responsibility". "I wonder what responsibility the federal government operates internationally and nationally," said SPÖ's MEP.

The SPÖ has published a video on their blog "", which should show why it would not be a good idea to use Keyl as the administrative judge.

"This man was thrown out of two fraternities and now he has to become a judge at the administrative court. […] Keyl is active in appropriate circles and friends with neo-nazi's. He hit himself on a boys' party in a red light & # 39; eatery. His friend, the well-known neo-Nazi Gottfried Küssel, came to the rescue. […] His wife works in the FPÖ Parliamentary Club, her nickname is "SS-Lilly & # 39 ;," says the video.


To name someone "with Mr. Keyl's past" for such a position is irresponsible: "If that is the case, I no longer understand with which naiveté, ignorance or unscrupulousness to the country the organs of the republic, in this case those in the government, "says Jarolim. For Scherak, it was particularly worrying that Keyl would be responsible for asylum seekers in the future: "This decision does not fit in and behind, someone who is clearly close to the neo-Nazi scene has lost nothing in the judiciary," said MEP.

"I wish the Chancellor's opinion"

Both Jarolim and Scherak call on Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) to take a stand on this case. "I would like a statement from the Chancellor," says Jarolim, but he does not expect that: because he expected from Kurz "not much, because he is silent". Similarly, Sherak's criticism is: "Chancellor Kurz is silent, even to such impudence, is unreasonable," he said.

Both Jarolim and the deputy NEOS club chief are now relying on President Alexander Van der Bellen: "I hope now that the President of the Federal Government decides with peace and expertise," said the SP spokesman. "The federal president must avoid this decision and we must not allow such intolerable people to take such important positions," said Sherak.

FPÖ is struggling

The FPÖ sharply criticized the appointment of Hubert Keyl as a candidate for the position of judge at the federal administrative court on Wednesday evening. Keyl is "an excellent candidate", said FP Secretary General Christian Hafenecker in a press release. He sees a "hunt" on the part of the opposition that this is "reprehensible and unpleasant".

"The sensationalism that awakens the opposition from its deep sleep of political responsibility to demand some attention in the media world is really reminiscent of the medieval inquisition, where impeccable citizens with the best qualifications are put on the stake – the jar is full horror ", explains Hafenecker.

The requirements for a judge at the federal administrative court were "varied, demanding and difficult to fulfill for the applicant". "Magister Hubert Keyl passed all application stations with flying colors and is therefore considered to be an excellent candidate, also because of his impeccable reputation", says Hafenecker. It could be "just resentment, jealousy and hypocrisy," as opposed to Keyl "so hunted and intrigued". This was "party politics of the worst kind". The Freedom Party stands "behind his intelligent and capable mind" and will not be discouraged from "his path for Austria," said the Secretary General.

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