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"Summer theater" or indeed a ruthless power struggle? Since the former minister of the army, Hans Peter Doskozil, warned his party against a "green fund policy", just the day after the presentation of the SPÖ program, the devil dives into the SPÖ. Will the old group around former chancellor Werner Faymann get SPÖ boss Christian Kern out of the closet? And: is it even Doskozil himself who has ambitions for the office?


In AUSTRIA Kern gives a clear answer to the Doskozil criticism: it is "just wrong". Anyone who hopes that the former chancellor will cancel his flags now is wrong. Kern wants to participate in the party congress in the autumn – and also as a top candidate in the elections (probably in 2022).

AUSTRIA: A warning in your party recently against a green Fundi policy … are you planning such a thing? 19659005] Christian KERN: That would be utterly absurd. Work and social will always be the basis on which the SPÖ stands. We also need a strong Europe, action against climate change and an orderly migration policy.

AUSTRIA: Why does Doskozil warn us about this? Has anyone seen that in your chair?

CORE: His assessment was simply wrong.

AUSTRIA: Are you determined to become president at the party congress in the fall?

CORE: Yes.

AUSTRIA: … and also to go to the next elections as a top candidate?

19659005] CORE: Yes, to go to the ballot box and make the SPÖ the number one.

AUSTRIA: Are you angry at Doskozil now?

KERN: There is no prohibition of discussion here. [19659006] AUSTRIA: What role will he play in the SPÖ leadership team?

KERN: In June, Doskozil and Peter Kaiser were instructed to work with countries, young people and pensioners on a new concept on migration and immigration. This is almost finished.

AUSTRIA: The implicit accusation is that the SPÖ hides the migration problem. What answers does the SPÖ have on the refugee question?

KERN: This is an absurd reproach. Migration is one of the four pillars of the new policy. There is no doubt that we need to limit immigration and do more for integration.

AUSTRIA: are the shutters for refugees and immigrants?

KERN: We would sell our souls if we ignored the policy of the ÖVP and simply imitate FPÖ. We will never rush people together. We must regain our courage and represent our own positions. It is the merit of SPÖ-led governments that crime in Austria is ten years low and the number of new asylum applications in my time as chancellor has fallen from month to month. That was the result of international cooperation. This benefits the current government. We need control over borders, but it is also our duty to protect people in the Mediterranean from drowning.

AUSTRIA: With what problems do you want to attack the government? Is the climate problem sufficient?

KERN: The ÖVP and the FPÖ make politics for the rich. The received tax gifts. And those who are unlucky, according to the FPÖ, have to stop with € 150 a month to make ends meet. Short and Strache have added Kika / Leiner a friendly investor, without demanding a guarantee for the jobs. That now costs 1,100 people the job. They talk about foreigners and catch it all up. We are on the side of those who can not live on their wealth.

AUSTRIA: What do you think of Putin's visit to the Kneissl marriage?

KERN: Austria needs good relations with Russia. I wish the spouses the very best. But the mix of private and political at the expense of the taxpayers by the FPÖ-minister does not fit

Interview: G. Schröder

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