Count Ali removes the ankle cuffs prematurely

Burgenland. The gun lobbyist and count Alfred Mensdorff-Pouilly, married to ex-ÖVP minister Maria Rauch-Kallat, has been released since Friday.

Bernhard Kolonovits, vice president of the regional court of Eisenstadt, confirmed that it was in the process of corruption in 2015 The million dollar award of police radio Tetron sentenced to three years in prison sentenced celebrity prisoner after only four months of the ankle.

The original sentence was reduced to two years in appeal, of which eight months were essential – abzusitzen with ankle band in Burgenland Castle Luising, the county seat of the count and his wife.

The only strict edition: The passionate Waidmann received a strict hunting ban on his Burgenland Latifundien for the duration of his imprisonment. Now it is – to the annoyance of the local pheasants and small game colonies – there.

The well connected in the ÖVP Mensdorff-Pouilly – he was in the UK because of the Eurofighter that once was in custody – is released.

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