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The Economic Chamber and the monopolistic administration, under which tobacco shops are operated, have reached agreement on the sale of coffee, the ORF reported. "I'm sure the first colleagues will sell on September 1. Others may still be waiting," said Andreas Schiefer, chairman of the Trafikanten in the Chamber of Commerce in Vienna, opposite Radio Vienna. "Some will give full throttle, others will look at it, but it is certainly not suitable for a tobacco shop."


Would you sell coffee in a tobacco shop?

The secondary article catalog

Legally, coffee is included in the so-called Neben Article Catalog. Just like postcards, tickets or souvenirs, only coffee can be sold. According to Schiefer, this corresponds to the line of offering goods in tobacco shops "that the customer needs quickly and wants to be fast" – and that includes "Coffee to go".

In addition, the Trafikanten hope for an additional source of income, which also has a relatively high profit margin.

However, you do not want to be a competitor of the coffee houses, Schiefer sees "a prosperous cooperation": "There will be no place in the tobacco shops, there should not be a cafeteria character." There are also Trafikanten, the "coffee to go" does not want, because coffee houses are located in the immediate vicinity.

Overcook coffee kettles

Still Viennese coffee makers foam. "We are more than surprised to hear this fact from the media – a reconciliation of interests has not happened -" Wolfgang Binder, president of the Viennese Kaffeehausbetrieberig. "That the tobacconists have sold alcohol in PET bottles before, okay, yes, but definitely a freshly brewed drink, we are all subject to certain conditions." Here is the question, how is this done in the tobacco shops: the same conditions, or are there exceptions? "

In general, the catering industry is confronted with high costs and many conditions. The hygiene regulations and in particular the compliance with the cold chain would be strictly controlled. The fact that coffee can now be served in tobacco shops with milk is, according to the Kaffeesieder, less comprehensible in this respect.

The most annoying Binder about the procedure. "It's as if coffee houses are negotiating lottery tickets without selling the most important ones – the tobacco tables – we can not accept that, it can not be so easy to get into another industry We urge those involved to sit with us and to arrive at a common solution ", Wolfgang Binder suggests.

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