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At the end of July the well-known police dog "Zorro" died painfully in Ilz in the private car of his assistant dog guide. He is not accused by the Prosecution, but he expects a disciplinary procedure from the police.

13.10 hours, 2 September 2018

The service dog for service dogs, in whose car police dog "Zorro" died, was transferred within the police. © Thomas Plauder

Almost no animal died this summer for more emotion than the tragic death of police dog "Zorro" in the parked car of his 51-year-old service dog. According to police investigations, "Zorro" fought a death race in Ilz, East Styria, and bit into the bars of the transport box before he died in the car on Thursday 26 July. Death was quickly suspected by the heat, which in the course of the autopsy was only indirectly confirmed by the Veterinary University. More in: "Zorro died of acute shock death".

"No intention recognizable"

Now the Prosecution Graz has that process against the 51-year-old (former) assistance dog custom, STA spokesman Christian Kroschl told the newspaper Kleine Zeitung on Sunday a report of the crown. Why is the policeman not charged? For the criminally pertinent violation of "animal abuse" in this case intent has to be proven, and this is not recognizable, so Kroschl. Negligence in connection with animal cruelty is only punishable in connection with animal transport.

Also, one could not refute the accusations of the 51-year-olds of the prosecutor's side, after which he had parked the car in semi-shade at least half-open windows and water for the dog was present. Moreover, the autopsy found that the dog "Zorro" had a pre-existing heart disease, which possibly accelerated death.

Disciplinary procedure with the police

Regardless of the criminal law component, however, the 51-year-old is expected to face disciplinary procedures within the police. He can no longer guide guide dogs, he was transferred within the police.

A show dog

Zorro was a show dog. He felt guilty in 2015 after a bloody murder in Unterstorcha, on the trail of deceased and thieves.

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