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Electric blanket burned: pensioner died

PRAM. A neighbor discovered the disabled 91-year-old in the lobby of the house.

Electric blanket burned: pensioner died

Great care in the village of Pram Image: Matthias Lauber

It was yesterday, shortly after 7.30. Like every morning Katharina Thaller wanted to prepare breakfast for her disabled neighbor Josef W. in Pram (district Grieskirchen). She went to the 91-year-old house in the Gries district. But when she unlocked the front door, the 68-year-old smoke came out of the front room: "Josef was lying lifeless on the ground," she says. Immediately Thaller ran to the nearest neighbor for help. Together they pulled the 91-year-old out of the house and reported the rescue and fire brigade.

"When we arrived, the man was already lifeless in front of the house," says Hans-Peter Schiffelhumer, commander of the fire brigade Pram. But all attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. The man died on the spot of the accident. As mentioned later, he was suffocated by the vapors. He had, according to the police, had an inhalation trauma. The fire broke out in the bedroom. An electric blanket has probably been caught in fire due to a defect. "We assume that the man noticed the fire and wanted to flee," says Clemens Lehner-Redl of the press service of the National Police Directorate. "Because of the handicap, he could not go fast enough and inhaled too many fumes."

"A modest person"

Care is high in Pram. "We are shocked that he had to die like this", says mayor Katharina Zauner. Josef W. lived very withdrawn. "He was no longer mobile, we hardly saw him at home," says Zauner. Mentally the man was still lively: "He was modest and economical." He lived alone for years in the house: "The neighbor has taken care of him that he touches." Petra Thaller is shocked after the death of her neighbor: "He did just fine, we thought he was 100 years old."

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