Fiscal autonomy is also logical for Mikl-Leitner «

"I am happy to take responsibility for tax," says the provincial governor of Lower Austria.

10.45, 19 August 2018

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Like their ÖVP colleagues Günther Plateau (Tyrol) and Markus Wallner (Vorarlberg) also joins the governor of the Austrian province Johanna Mikl-Leitner for a fiscal autonomy of the Länder. "I think that makes sense, because I'm tired of hearing that the federal government raises taxes and that countries spend it," says Mikl-Leitner in the Sunday edition of "Kurier."

"I am willing to assume responsibility for tax," said the provincial governor of Lower Austria. Earlier, in the APA summer interview, Platter demanded that tax autonomy for countries be tackled as quickly as possible. Wallner joined in and emphasized that Vorarlberg was "always ready for fiscal sovereignty".

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