Forest fire on via ferrata calls for Bundesheeinsatz

At 9.35 am the clock was struck, a fire broke out at the via ferrata in the Echernwand, as the police announced. Hikers managed to extinguish a glowing fire in the meantime and contacted the fire brigade.

Smoke became too much

The fire seemed to burn underground, the fire spread surprisingly fast, first attempts to extinguish effectively failed to fight the flames. That is why the army and a police helicopter were alerted. The task was that the forces, which had to deal with falling and partly burning trees and falling stones, had to leave the wall in the meantime, because the danger was too great because of the fire and the heavy smoke,

Use continued on Wednesday

In Salzburg a fire water pipeline of several hundred meters was laid from the Rudolfsturm in the direction of the exit of the Echernwand via ferrata, and a material and water depot was created near the Sigg Forest Road. The intensive fire sequence lasted until 8 pm Tuesday and should be continued on Wednesday. There are four helicopters ready for that.

Helicopters from Salzburg in action

In action on Tuesday were members of the Alpine Task Force Gmunden, the police Bad Goisern 2, the volunteer fire departments Hallstatt, Obertraun and St. Agatha and Scharnstein as a forest fire station, the mountain rescue service Hallstatt to support in the area, the police helicopters Salzburg, Carinthia and Upper Austria, the Austrian Federal Army of Hörsching and Eigen in the Enns Valley and in the evening the transport helicopter Super Puma from Heli Austria.

(APA / S24)

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