Kindergartens: more money and headscarf ban

Vienna. On Friday, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, his Deputy HC Strache, Foreign Minister Juliane Bogner-Strauß and the governor of Lower Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, want to announce the package. The agreement with the countries is a success for the minister of the ÖVP family.

More money. originally The start funding for new kindergartens must be reduced from 140 to 110 million euros. Now, according to an internal communication that exists in AUSTRIA, there should be more funds – we're talking about another euro now. The federal states also want to take more money into their own hands – the emphasis must be on developing care for children under the age of three. This had been demanded by Bogner-Strauss.

Headscarf ban. In exchange, the countries must now agree to impose a headscarf ban in kindergartens, as the government had already announced for elementary schools.

Values ​​catalog against Islamism. A new point: the FPÖ has ensured that the countries must introduce a values ​​catalog that forbids radical Islamic kindergartens. This concerns in particular Vienna.

The SPÖ-sent states Vienna, Burgenland and Carinthia did not know anything about the agreement on Thursday evening. But it was a package that they could not refuse, according to coalition circles. (Gü)

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