Kneissl suffered from weakness

Minister of Foreign Affairs Karin Kneissl was somewhat faint on Sunday evening at 5.45 pm in a fireplace in the European Forum Alpbach in Tirol. Then she was taken care of by paramedics. A helicopter then landed in Alpbach, but the minister did not have to be admitted to the hospital.

Speaker confirms incident

The minister's spokesman confirmed the incident to oe24: "She had a little fainting, is now in her hotel room and is recovering." Eyewitnesses also reported that Kneissl had briefly lost consciousness.

It is unlikely that Kneissl will participate in the planned event today. On Monday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs took part in the panel discussion "Global shifts in power: consequences for Europe and Asia & # 39;

Weakness after honeymoon

It was not until last week that Kneissl got married in South Styria. The wedding was also attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Minister of Foreign Affairs had just returned from the honeymoon period in Croatia, when on Sunday she felt the weakness at the European Forum Alpbach.

It is the second time that colleagues and the public have to worry about the health of the diplomat. Already in April, the expert from the Middle East had to be admitted to hospital for about a week. At that time it had apparently been a viral infection, which is said to have been captured during a trip to Russia.

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