Ktn: Buildings in full fire – use of six fire brigades

VILLACH (KTN): On 19 August 2018, shortly before 8.30 pm, a large number of callers at the fire service reported a fire in the district of Villach Landskron. Alarm level 2 was immediately activated for the local fire brigade Landskron and Zauchen and the main fire brigade Villach.

Already at the approach a large fire light and a huge smoke development was visible. When the Villach fire brigade arrived, a residential and commercial building in the densely built residential area was already on fire, says chief Alexander Scharf, commander of the main fire brigade Villach.

Because of the size of the fire, the volunteer fire departments Vassach, St. Ruprecht and Gratschach were immediately requested. In the course of the investigation it was determined that a horse could already be brought into the open air by the owner. Furthermore, the fire brigade was informed that there would be no people in the apartment.

Immediately various fire extinguishing pipes, partly under air-independent respiratory protection, were used to protect adjacent buildings and to combat the fire extensively. In addition, a water cannon was placed on the turntable to extinguish the fire from above. After about an hour the enormous extinguishing effect showed its effect. For this purpose, on the one hand, a fire water supply from the nearby Seebach was built and on the other hand several fire hydrants from the public water network were used.

After the fire was brought under control, the energy-intensive renewed extinguishing work took place until well after midnight. During firefighting, a firefighter was wounded by flue gases and delivered by the Red Cross and taken to the LKH Villach. The executive power closed the area of ​​operations on a large scale.

The aforementioned fire brigades, with approximately 120 men, were deployed under the overall deployment manager of fire inspector Lassnig Franz von der FF Landskron, as well as the Kelag Störungsdienst, the police, the Red Cross and the Samariterbund Kärnten.

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